Can you believe it’s already week THREE of the One Room Challenge??  As a Linking Participant, I’m redoing my messy mudroom.  Mudrooms are supposed to help contain a mess, not become one.  In week 1 I showed you what I was working with.  A disorganized, boring, messy space.


Last week I shared some of my painting woes with you, as I attempted to paint at night, and with a glass of wine (or two, don’t judge!).


I’m not sure where the week has gone.  I sit here feeling like I should be telling you a long list of things I’ve accomplished in that time, but I’m feeling like not much was done!

In truth, the biggest part of revamping this room is the painting.  I had to go back and touch up the blue walls.  Then, my husband took down the old light fixture, and I painted the ceiling.  Blue.  Oh yes, I did.


I used the next shade on the strip.  I only wanted to go one step darker.  But, once the paint was up, I kind of think I should have gone two steps darker.  Here’s another view:


It’s a bit more subtle than what I was thinking.  What do you think?

Up next is touching up all the white trim that I got blue paint on.  Ooops.



My window shade arrived, so I’ll get my hubby to hang that up.  I still need to choose my fabric for the bench cushion — that is definitely at the top of my “to do” list!  Because choosing the fabric is the easy part.  Getting the sewing machine up from the basement storage to actually sew the cushion is the hard part.  My goal is to show the results to you next week.  See, now that I’ve written it – it must be so!!!

Slow and steady.

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Last week I shared with you my unorganized, unsightly mudroom.  As a One Room Challenge Linking Participant, I decided to attack that room head-on and transform it in six weeks.  (If you haven’t checked out the official One Room Challenge designers, be sure to check them out over at Calling it Home— trust me, you’ll be inspired!).

The first step was to find out what exactly was crammed in those bench baskets.  I also thought I should go through the numerous purses and diaper bags and eliminate what I don’t use.  Same with the coats and mound of shoes.


I feel that to really help this room, I need color.  And not that sherbert green I have on the coat wall.  Off to Home Depot to ponder “Mickey colors” (my son calls the paint sample cards Mickey colors because Home Depot used to carry a Disney paint line and the cards were shaped like Mickey. So we go to the “Mickey color store” to get “Mickey colors”.  I digress.)

I wanted a shade of blue, since that is primarily the color I’m using on the first floor of the house.  I didn’t want a blue with a lot of green in it, or one that was too purple-y.  My mom suggested choosing one with some grey, and I actually listened to her.

Behr paint – Blue Willow

I have to admit, the fact that it is called Blue Willow had me at hello.

We have beautiful crown moulding throughout the house, and it was a total pain to tape up.  I thought that because the room was so small it would be a breeze.  It took me two days to tape in between re-taping where my youngest was peeling the tape off, and, well, everything else that goes on in a typical day here.

After I put the boys to bed last night, I got to work!  Here’s a peek:


I learned that painting at night, and with a glass of wine, yields spotty results.  Literally.  It looked great last night – I finished the whole room, my husband looked it over as another set of eyes, I was happy.  Little paint monsters must have appeared while I was asleep.  In daylight I could see little spots where the coverage wasn’t great, and a place where *gasp* the paint ran.  Ugh.  So, tonight you know what I’ll be doing.  I just can’t paint during the day — instead of paint monsters causing trouble, it would be two little boys.  So, I marked all the spots that need help, and I’ll hopefully fix everything tonight.

I feel like the painting is the biggest task in this room.  Once I finish that, I’ll feel a ton better!

Next up I’ll be picking a new fabric to recover the bench seat, installing a window shade, and a few other surprises (I can’t tell you everything!  The reveal wouldn’t be as fun!).

Back to work!!!

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Linda at Calling it Home has coordinated a great bunch of design related bloggers into redoing one room in six weeks.  She’s opened it up for others to participate as a linking participant, and I’m accepting the challenge.


We usually enter the house through our back door.  It’s the most easily accessible entry into our home (near the driveway, off the busier front street, etc).  Once through the back door, immediately to the right is the mudroom.



The mudroom is tiny.  Standing in the entrance (such as the view above), the powder room is to the right, and there is a wall of hooks on the left.  We’ve situated a Pottery Barn bench under the window.

I’m attacking this One Room Challenge two ways: first, it must be budget friendly; second, it is not long-long term.  Ideally, down the road when we finish all of our other projects, I’d like my husband to create a built-in along the left wall, where the hooks are currently situated.  But, that might be a year or two down the road.  So, in the meantime, I’d like to make this room more presentable since it is what is seen by anyone who enters the house.

Here are some other views of the current mess… err… situation.

Mudroom - left wall

Mudroom – left wall

Can you tell we have some Redskins fans in the house?!  And an abundance of shoes…

Mudroom - Right wall

Mudroom – Right wall

I like to use this room to hang my sons’ artwork.  But I’d like to come up with something nicer than Scotch tape to hold them up!

The bench is just a hot-mess of purses, diaper bags, backpacks (oh — that’s just the top!).  The two baskets are overflowing with miscellaneous I-don’t-even-know-what. The lower middle portion holds more junk.

This room needs a major clean up and facelift!

Here are some dreamy mudrooms that inspire me:

Maybe I love this because it’s … empty!

My dream built-in.  It has drawers!!!  AND cupboards!

House Beautiful


I love this because it is realistic.  This is a lived-in mudroom!

Dramatic color!

My plans for this room involve adding some color, massive organization, and creating a nice kids gallery.  We’ll see if anything else happens in the next six weeks!  Stay tuned!

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