If you love vintage decor, then you know that sometimes you have to wait to find just the right piece.  Sometimes you have to wait a long time, and you kind of forget that you’re waiting and looking in the first place.  That happens to me a lot.

That is what happened with the chandelier above our dining room table.  My husband is the one who keeps telling me that “we need to do something about that light”.

Old Chandelier Pic

See, we originally had a beautiful crystal flush-mount there.  In my naive never-decorated-a-house-before mind, I had decided on a flush mount thinking that it would keep our small space open.  I also thought that if we were entertaining and wanted to push the table to the side, we wouldn’t be hitting our heads on a chandelier.

Let me tell you how many times we’ve pushed the table to the side while entertaining.  ZERO.  (What was I thinking? That we’d have a dance party or something??!)  Instead of making the room more open, it just felt like something was missing.

So, we took down the flush mount and boxed it away.  We grabbed this chandelier off Craigslist to see if we liked a hanging chandelier.  Although we don’t particularly love this chandelier, we knew that YES we wanted a hanging one.

The flush mount was not destined to live its life in a box in the basement.  It found new life in our mudroom makeover.

Mudroom w Chandelier

I started thinking about what kind of chandelier I would want, and there are just sooo many.  I shared a few that I really liked back in September.  Well, months have passed, and I think I’ve found the perfect solution!  It is a beautiful lucite three-tiered chandelier.  The chain is brass. (Please excuse my rough photo editing – I took a picture of it with my phone while it was still hanging in its prior home).

Lucite Acrylic Chandelier Vintage 3 Tier

It was a terrific score at a Georgetown estate sale.  I’ve done a little playing around with the photos, and this is what my new dining room chandelier will look like:

Dining Room Lucite Chandelier


So, my question for you is: does it work?  (Believe me, my husband will appreciate your feedback before I make him hang it up… that way I don’t have to make him take it down if I decide it won’t work!).

Let me know your thoughts, and have a terrific weekend!  And don’t forget to subscribe to Pursuing Vintage using the link in the right sidebar – or follow along on Bloglovin’ so you don’t miss any posts!


Repro Thursday

Schoolhouse Electric

A few months ago I sang the praises of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.’s new makeover.  While I think they are making great strides breaking into the market as furniture and decor designers, it is still their terrific selection of vintage-inspired lighting fixtures that remains their cornerstone.  Instead of featuring just one vintage-inspired piece today, I’m going to share some of Schoolhouse Electric’s beautiful lighting options.  (This post is strictly my opinion, and is not sponsored by Schoolhouse).

Isaac 1 Light Pendant


Orbit Chandelier


Isaac Sconce


Union 6″ Pendant


Lily Lamp


Isaac 7 Light Chandelier


Princeton Senior Wall Sconce


Mulberry Tripod Floor Lamp


Newbury 4″ Surface Mount


Factory Light No. 5


Factory Satellite 3 Pendant


Satellite 6 Pendant Light


Most of their fixtures can be customized.  They offer several different metal finishes and various color options for the shades.  I love the diversity of the pieces – there are fixtures that would look right at home in an old farmhouse, and others that would fit right into mid-century modern decor.

Which one would you choose for your home?  I’d have a hard time picking just one!






A mash up is when two things are blended together to create something new.  In music, DJs are doing “mash ups” of popular songs – blending two songs into one.  Kind of fun.  A new take on something familiar.

So how about a ginger jar/coral mash up?  Who doesn’t love a great ginger jar lamp?  And who doesn’t love some beautiful white coral?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?… Bueller?…  That’s what I thought!  We all love it!  So now, I’m going to blow your mind with this beautiful ginger jar lamp filled with amazing white coral!

Coral Jar Lamp

Isn’t it beautiful!?  This thing weighs as much as my 20 month old Baby Boy!  I firmly believe it is filled with real coral, which in itself is a treasure.  The lamp is a beautiful glass jar on a wood base.  It has a coral finial.  The lamp shade is not included (but the harp and finial are included).  Kerry Steele’s amazing piece of art in the background is not included either!  Here are some close ups:

Coral Finial

Coral Lamp Base

The lamp measures 32″ to the top of the finial (19″ to the socket).  The jar is approximately 10″ in diameter.  It is in beautiful condition.  There is some reddening of the coral on the interior (in the center – difficult to see).  This is another clue to me that this is real coral.  This lamp is beautiful.  I hope it finds a terrific new home!  (Hurry– before I decide to keep it!).

Let’s take a look at some other coral decor.

Arteriors Home



nothing but bonfires

Swank Lighting


i suwannee

Copy Cat Chic

What do you think?  Could you incorporate this beautiful coral/ginger jar lamp into your home?  The more I look at this lamp, the more I love it!!!

Reluctantly, I’m putting it in the Pursuing Vitnage Shop.  I certainly won’t mind “fostering” it until it gets a new home!