A mash up is when two things are blended together to create something new.  In music, DJs are doing “mash ups” of popular songs – blending two songs into one.  Kind of fun.  A new take on something familiar.

So how about a ginger jar/coral mash up?  Who doesn’t love a great ginger jar lamp?  And who doesn’t love some beautiful white coral?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?… Bueller?…  That’s what I thought!  We all love it!  So now, I’m going to blow your mind with this beautiful ginger jar lamp filled with amazing white coral!

Coral Jar Lamp

Isn’t it beautiful!?  This thing weighs as much as my 20 month old Baby Boy!  I firmly believe it is filled with real coral, which in itself is a treasure.  The lamp is a beautiful glass jar on a wood base.  It has a coral finial.  The lamp shade is not included (but the harp and finial are included).  Kerry Steele’s amazing piece of art in the background is not included either!  Here are some close ups:

Coral Finial

Coral Lamp Base

The lamp measures 32″ to the top of the finial (19″ to the socket).  The jar is approximately 10″ in diameter.  It is in beautiful condition.  There is some reddening of the coral on the interior (in the center – difficult to see).  This is another clue to me that this is real coral.  This lamp is beautiful.  I hope it finds a terrific new home!  (Hurry– before I decide to keep it!).

Let’s take a look at some other coral decor.

Arteriors Home



nothing but bonfires

Swank Lighting


i suwannee

Copy Cat Chic

What do you think?  Could you incorporate this beautiful coral/ginger jar lamp into your home?  The more I look at this lamp, the more I love it!!!

Reluctantly, I’m putting it in the Pursuing Vitnage Shop.  I certainly won’t mind “fostering” it until it gets a new home!






… I’m gonna let it shine…

And it does shine.  It is in working order, and a very pretty example of a cloisonne lamp.

Vintage Blue Cloisonne Peony Lamp

I believe it depicts peonies (don’t you think?).  The colors are bright and saturated.  I think this lamp is just beautiful.

I’m not sure of the age of the lamp.  It is in overall good condition, with a little oxidation to the top brass plate part.  It measures 17″ to the socket.  It sits on a beautiful carved wood base.  Here are some close-ups.

Blue Peony Cloisonne Lamp

Vintage Blue Cloisonne Lamp Base

Beautiful wood base (above).

Cloisonne Lamp Top

Close up of the spots on the brass plate piece (above).

I’m out of room for lamps right now – I just don’t have a spot for this beauty!  If you have the perfect spot for it, you can find it in the Pursuing Vintage Shop.


I found these beautiful lamps this weekend.  I was so excited that I had a pair!

Asian Melon Jar Lamps

Aren’t they pretty?  I love the pink in them.  (I think they look great in front of my favorite Kerry Steele painting!).  They measure about 14.5″ to the socket and are about 8″ in diameter.  Both lamps are in working order.  They were made in Macau.  They are available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop.

Here are some ideas for how to use them:

Wool and Flax Blog

Use one on top of a dresser.  (How fun is that green dresser?)

Greige Design

Use the pair on a sideboard or long dresser.

Greige Design

In the living room!


Colorful shade choice is interesting and fresh.

Don’t forget to check in with Linda at Calling it Home to see all the participants in the One Room Challenge!  And check in with me tomorrow to see how I’m doing with my mudroom revamp as a One Room Challenge Linking Participant!