It is a room like this that makes me know that interior design is an art.  I mean, look at this space!  The creativity behind it.  The guts to take a chance and group vintage female portraits with Louis XVI style chairs and classic silver candelabra.  I would not, could not have thought of that.

Designed by Jonathan Adler – via Elle Decor


I would not have chosen those chairs with that (amazing) Milo Baughman table.  I would not have grouped those candelabra of varying styles (the silver, the birds, the cherubs).  I would not have chosen that chartreuse velvet to upholster the chairs.

I love how this room just works.  That is the art behind it.  It is subjective, of course, like all art.  I think it works.  You might not.  You might think this is the most hideous room you’ve ever seen!

So?  Do you?  Do you think it works?  Or do you think it’s horrible?

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