Did you know that airplane wings use concept of cantilever?  I found out that cantilever is a term for a beam that is supported only at one end, and carries a load on the other end.  While airplanes are fascinating, these chairs are more my speed:

Tubular Chrome Cantilever Chairs

These chairs are straight out of the 1970’s – having had only one owner.  The chrome is beautiful.  No pitting or oxidation.  The upholstery needs a face lift.  One chair has the original brown suede upholstery.  It has seen spills and wear through the years.  The other chair has been recovered in a brown velvet-y fabric.  It also has seen better days.  Recovered, these would look so terrific.  Check out the lines!  I just love the graceful curve of the arms into the base.

Tubular Chrome Cantilever Chair

Here are some other chrome cantilever chairs for inspiration:

One Kings Lane

I absolutely love the fun fabric on this chair!

Simple Details –  Pottery Barn

I like the contrast of the chrome with the chunky, natural wood table. (But don’t get me started on how I feel about Pottery Barn hopping on the vintage chrome chair wagon!)


The bucket shape of these chairs is inviting.  Paired with a Saarinen table, you have a very modern look.


You can always keep the upholstery “retro”.

Elle Decor

Cantilever chairs always make great desk chairs!

Casa Cullen

This is a fun & eclectic living room!  I love the mix of the chrome chairs with the turned leg ottoman.

How do you envision these chairs?  If you envision them in your home, they’re available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop!





I have to acknowledge my husband’s creative side.  All too often I use him to haul around my vintage finds, and I don’t tap into his creative visions.  So, this is an opportunity for me to applaud a project he recently undertook!

We’ve all seen desks like this.

A very cool vintage find, in and of itself.  My husband picked up a few of these desks a couple of years ago, and was holding onto them until the boys were older.  Well, Big Boy just turned four.  I’m not sure where the last four years have gone, but they did go, and quickly.  Big Boy is creative and thoughtful, and amazes me every day.  Every day, I see a bit more of myself in him (the good and the bad!), so I knew he’d love my husband’s idea to transform this desk and give it to him for his birthday.  When I was younger, I would spend hours at a similar vintage desk.  It was filled with sticker sheets, construction paper, glue and markers.  Oh, the masterpieces I created!  You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen my stick figures!

My husband got to work, and I had nothing to do with it!  I was thrilled when he came home with this:

Vintage School Desk Red

He cleaned up the wood, and painted the metal a bright red and put a clear coat on the whole thing.  It is a red, shiny, happy desk!  And, best of all, Big Boy loves it!  Way to go hubby!

Now, what other projects can I put him to work on?



Remember this?

Chinese Chippendale Chair

I picked up this Chinese Chippendale chair awhile back.  I painted it.  I decided on fabric.  And now it’s complete!

Chippendale Chair w: Cushion

A dear family friend, Teresa of Windows Etc., Inc., is incredibly talented with all things fabric.  I brought her the old cushion on my last visit to the Chicago-land area.  Teresa worked her magic, created this beautiful cushion, and then my mom brought it back out here to DC, packed among all the toys she brought for her grandsons.

Doesn’t it look terrific?!

I’m just loving it!  Thanks for all the advice along the way in regards to chair color, fabric choice, and painting tips.  And thanks to Teresa for transforming the ugly old cushion into this little gorgeous monkey-love cushion!

Chinese Chippendale Chair Monkey Cushion

I’m feeling like I’m really on a roll lately – finishing the mudroom makeover and this chair.  What’s next??!  Oh wait, ha!  The holidays!  Guess that’ll keep me busy!

Are you feeling good about finishing any big (or small) projects lately?