I have a set of barrel back caned chairs.  They are in great condition – the wood is the original brown, minimal wear.  The seats are upholstered in black.  Pretty basic.  But everywhere I’m seeing these great caned chair makeovers!  Take a look at some examples below.

from etsy

Here’s an example of a caned chair in its original state.  Beautiful.  My chairs are not upholstered on the back – they are caned all around.

source unknown

Painted black with bright upholstery. Funky.

Miss Mustard Seed

Beautiful cream color chair with light cushion.  Romantic.

One Kings Lane

Fresh in white and with a pop of color.  Though, my chairs are not faux bamboo – so it would be a different look.

Apartment Therapy

Similar style to my chairs – painted black.  Fun upholstery.

I think I’m scared to paint them because I won’t ever be able to get back the natural wood (not easily, anyway!)  I kind of feel that since they are in great shape, why mess with something that is working, right?  But, they are lacking a kind of “pop”, which is maybe what I’m searching for.  Maybe some little pillows for the backs that are done in a fun fabric?  What would you do?


I love love love faux bamboo.  Really love it.  I don’t know what it is … maybe the daydream of living near a sandy beach?  The way the lines are not straight, but offer something unexpected?  The way a faux bamboo piece looks in a bright color and lacquered?  (Sigh)  Its just fabulous.  But, for all its fabulous-ness, I have yet to incorporate much of it into my own home.  I think I’m still pursuing the perfect piece.  The only piece I’ve kept for myself is this sweet (yet practical!) magazine basket.

Bamboo Mag Rack


I love faux bamboo so much, that I think I’ll do a little faux bamboo series.  I couldn’t possibly cover all the great pieces out there in one post!  So, let’s break it down.  Today we’ll check out dressers & consoles.


La Dolce Vita


Natty by Design

SUCH a WOW in red!!


The Newlywed Diaries

The gray is so unexpected!!

-Flights of Whimsy

I love the girly pink paired with the abstract art and blanc de chine lamps.


If you’ve incorporated faux bamboo into your decor, I’d love to see it!  (Especially any repainting projects).

Check out  my shop to see the bamboo-inspired pieces I’ve recently sold.  Once I get a piece, it goes quickly!  If you’re looking for a piece, check back frequently – I’m always on the hunt for more!



I have a storage issue in my house.  Or maybe I have too much stuff.  One and the same, right?  Anyway, there are not enough closets or cupboards or drawers to keep everything.  As a result, I am constantly shifting piles of stuff.  Currently all of my fine china and crystal is stashed on the landing to my basement.  A perilous situation.  Long story short, in a a fit of redecorating, I got rid of the hutch that was holding it all.  I didn’t have a replacement piece of furniture.

BUT NOW I DO!  How excited am I??!  VERY!!! Can you tell?!

Not only is my new find a great storage solution, it is SO classic and totally design current!  Are you ready?  Want to see it?!

Campaign Dresser

My new campaign dresser is the perfect fit for my open-plan dining room.  It has drawers for my china and linens.  And a great top surface that I can put a lamp on and work on my “styling” technique.  It is a funky gold/mustard color right now, but I’m dying to paint it.  I just got rid of all my gold and “fall colors” that I used to decorate in (posts about that process coming soon!), so I really don’t want to regress.  I’m thinking either a coral color or an indigo/inky blue.  I’m worried that the coral is too “daring” for me, and that it might blend too much with my reddish wood floors.  Really leaning toward the blue.  What do you think?

Lots of people are painting their campaign furniture right now, so there’s a lot of inspiration out there.  Great ideas on functionality and how to style it.

Lonny Magazine via projectnursery














I love the green!  The tassels are fun, too.

via Honey&Fitz

Bright white! Used as a traditional dresser.

via Desert Domicile

The two-tone is really fun.  Probably not right for my house, but a really neat idea.  (I like this shade of blue).

via Making Macy

Isn’t this little piece cute?  I like this blue, too.


So much inspiration!  I can’t wait to get started!