Can you believe it’s already week THREE of the One Room Challenge??  As a Linking Participant, I’m redoing my messy mudroom.  Mudrooms are supposed to help contain a mess, not become one.  In week 1 I showed you what I was working with.  A disorganized, boring, messy space.


Last week I shared some of my painting woes with you, as I attempted to paint at night, and with a glass of wine (or two, don’t judge!).


I’m not sure where the week has gone.  I sit here feeling like I should be telling you a long list of things I’ve accomplished in that time, but I’m feeling like not much was done!

In truth, the biggest part of revamping this room is the painting.  I had to go back and touch up the blue walls.  Then, my husband took down the old light fixture, and I painted the ceiling.  Blue.  Oh yes, I did.


I used the next shade on the strip.  I only wanted to go one step darker.  But, once the paint was up, I kind of think I should have gone two steps darker.  Here’s another view:


It’s a bit more subtle than what I was thinking.  What do you think?

Up next is touching up all the white trim that I got blue paint on.  Ooops.



My window shade arrived, so I’ll get my hubby to hang that up.  I still need to choose my fabric for the bench cushion — that is definitely at the top of my “to do” list!  Because choosing the fabric is the easy part.  Getting the sewing machine up from the basement storage to actually sew the cushion is the hard part.  My goal is to show the results to you next week.  See, now that I’ve written it – it must be so!!!

Slow and steady.

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Until tomorrow,



Been hard at work with this:


A few more coats and I should have this project complete:


I settled on using this Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer.  Yes, I chose this after I had already primered the chair.  Let’s just say it chose me.  After carrying my 18 month old though the store (because of course he wouldn’t sit in the cart!) and after the nice employee told me that my older son shouldn’t ride on the front of the cart (what kid doesn’t do that??!), I brought all the cans home and then I realized it said Paint + Primer.  Too late!  NOT GOING BACK!!!  However, it seems to be working just fine!  Can’t wait to show you the finished product!


Football season is here.  So, let’s talk yards.

Of fabric.

I need to pick a fabric for the seat cushion on the Chippendale chair.  I mean, not that I’ll finish this whole project anytime soon!  But still, I’m a person who needs lots of time to ponder.  So, let’s start pondering.

Here is a photo of the chair with the cushion.  Keep in mind, the chair will be black.

Chinese Chippendale Chair

First, I’d like to get your opinion on the cushion itself.  Does it look too big?  I was thinking of just recovering it, but now am thinking I need something thinner and without buttons.  Thoughts?

Just to set the stage a bit, the chair will live near my dining table.  Here is the fabric on the dining chairs:


I found this great fabric at an estate sale awhile back, and have been trying to figure out what to do with it.  I *think* there is enough to do the cushion.


What do you think?  Am I crazy?  I should have put a quarter on the fabric to give you an idea of scale.  Basically, the monkey graphics are about as large as quarters.

I have a lot of blue happening in the fabrics in my house, and wanted to bring in some coral or pinks.  This fabric is so fun and unexpected, I like the idea of using it on the chair cushion.  Will I regret it?

Here are some other fabrics that I really like:

etsy pumpkintruck

etsy vintagelady7

Kerry Steele Fabric on Spoonflower

etsy pumpkintruck

calico corners

Ralph Lauren / Calico Corners

Ralph Lauren / Calico Corners

Calico Corners

What are your thoughts?  Any that I should just automatically cross off the list?  Any on here that you really like?  Or have you seen another fabric somewhere out there that would be perfect for me?

Have a terrific weekend!