Repro Thursday

Check out this terrific campaign desk from Land of Nod!  A great option for those who love vintage style but prefer to buy new.

Campaign Desk in Cobalt – Land of Nod

It comes in three great colors – cobalt (above), green, and white.  Take a look:

Campaign Desk in Green


Campaign Desk in White


At $399, it is an affordable option, and puts it in-line with many of its authentic vintage counterparts.  Plus, if you sign up to receive emails from Land of Nod, you’ll get a 10% off coupon!  (This post is not sponsored in any way by Land of Nod.)

This desk is not just for kids!  (I’d love it in white for myself!)

What do you think?  What color strikes your fancy?





I have visions of organization.  Of peace.  Of a pretty space to sit and write.

Okay, back to reality.

Right now my bedside table is an antique dresser situated below a little window.   I love the dresser, it’s beautiful.  But I want a change, and I thought “why not use that little space?”  One of these days I’ll get a photo of the existing situation (the reality is just too harsh right now!).  Here are some photos of what I am dreaming of:

via My Design Chic

If I could get this exact desk, I would.  Love it.  I like the bench underneath and a bedside lamp.  I could use it as a vanity and/or desk.

Ballard Designs

This table it too itty-bitty for me to actually use, but it has the right concept.  Again, love the ottoman/bench underneath.  Just needs to be bigger.

via Decor Home Ideas

See that table on the right side of the bed?  I love it!!!  Now I need to find one.

Now, the hard part is actually finding the right size table with the right finish at the right price.  And, of course, it has to be antique or vintage.

What do you think?  Do you think that I will actually use the space?  That I can keep it looking nice and organized?  Or will it end up being a dumping ground (like it is now) for sippy cups, receipts, multiple types of hand lotions, and buttons (you know, the extra ones on a new shirt)?  Talk me out of it if I’m crazy, or push me into it if I’m not!

Just a little side-note: I got all fancy-pants this weekend and added a few upgrades to the website.  You can now follow me on Bloglovin’ and Google+.  Just use those handy buttons to your right!  And, of course, I’m on Facebook and Pinterest!



I have to acknowledge my husband’s creative side.  All too often I use him to haul around my vintage finds, and I don’t tap into his creative visions.  So, this is an opportunity for me to applaud a project he recently undertook!

We’ve all seen desks like this.

A very cool vintage find, in and of itself.  My husband picked up a few of these desks a couple of years ago, and was holding onto them until the boys were older.  Well, Big Boy just turned four.  I’m not sure where the last four years have gone, but they did go, and quickly.  Big Boy is creative and thoughtful, and amazes me every day.  Every day, I see a bit more of myself in him (the good and the bad!), so I knew he’d love my husband’s idea to transform this desk and give it to him for his birthday.  When I was younger, I would spend hours at a similar vintage desk.  It was filled with sticker sheets, construction paper, glue and markers.  Oh, the masterpieces I created!  You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen my stick figures!

My husband got to work, and I had nothing to do with it!  I was thrilled when he came home with this:

Vintage School Desk Red

He cleaned up the wood, and painted the metal a bright red and put a clear coat on the whole thing.  It is a red, shiny, happy desk!  And, best of all, Big Boy loves it!  Way to go hubby!

Now, what other projects can I put him to work on?