My little sister is in her late twenties – living on her own, in downtown Chicago, and trying her hand at decorating her apartment.  Now, I know that I have no room to judge – I’ve made plenty of decorating misjudgements in my time.  But, in honor of her birthday this weekend, I’m going to do what big sisters do best.  I’m going to give her a hard time.  In public.

See, she texted me this photo a few months ago.  As you can imagine, I was instantly horrified.

Lindsey's "art"

I immediately called her asked her bluntly “what the h*ll is that??!”  She told me that she recovered an old canvas that she thrifted with burlap “because I really like burlap” and added some fake flowers.  This is a piece of art to go above her fireplace. (???!!!)

I told her it was horrible and she needed to stop.  Immediately.  Her incredibly supportive boyfriend was tight-lipped about the whole thing, but I know he was on my side about this.

Lindsey, this post is for you.  The right way to incorporate burlap into your decor.  Here is some inspiration.

Burlap message boards / Suzanne Kasler for Ballard


Burlap Drum Shade Pendant from Pottery Barn


Burlap Wrapped Bed Trunk from Pottery Barn


Burlap Photo Mats from Pottery Barn


Burlap Curtain Panels from Ballard


Burlap Curtains via Fourgenerationsoneroof


Paneled Tablecloth from Ballard


Burlap “wallpaper”/shelf backing from decorandthedog


My sister told me that she made some modifications to her “art” (most importantly, the fake flowers are gone!).  I applaud her for trying something new, and attempting to personalize her space.  We all know it isn’t easy.  Fortunately, there are tons of great resources out there for inspiration.

Happy birthday, Lindsey!  You are a great sister, and you always make me laugh.  I’ve loved you since the moment I found out I was going to be a big sister!


… now don’t be mad at me for making fun of you!