I recently participated in Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge Linking Event.  I decided it was time to give the exterior of my home a makeover.  (You can see the entire makeover reveal here!)  Part of the makeover was to paint our front door, the back door inside and out, and shutters.

For these tasks, I tried out Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  I’ve been seeing people all over trying it out and loving it, and I was excited to give it a try!

First, let me say that I LOVE the Modern Masters color palette.  They offer 24 colors, which is just the right amount.  I find it overwhelming when paint companies offer zillions of colors.  And to further help me not feel overwhelmed, they offer a terrific app that you can download for free to help you see what your door will look like using any of the 24 available colors!

The first door I tackled was my back porch door.  Although it is located on my back porch, it is the primary entrance to our home.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint BEFORE Back Door

I wanted to do something dramatic, and I wanted to paint the interior as well as the exterior of the door.  I chose color Peaceful from the Front Door Paint Collection.

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in PEACEFUL

I started by reading the handy Step by Step Instructions.  After completely wiping alllll the pollen and dirt off the door, I taped the windows, and started painting according to the instructions.

Pursuing Vintage : Painting Front Door

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint : Painting Process

The paint is quick drying – so it’s important to just get it on the door.  I would make sure there weren’t any drips (you have to catch them fast!) and then keep moving.  This is what my door looked like after the first coat:

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint First Coat

Don’t be worried when it looks like this!  It takes less than an hour to dry, and you can start on the second coat.  I moved immediately to the interior side of the door (leaving the door cracked open so it wouldn’t stick while drying).  By the time I finished with the first coat on the interior, the exterior was dry and ready for a second coat.  The first coat takes the longest.  The second coat is quick.  I even did a quick third coat just to catch a few spots I had skimped on.  I was extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in PEACEFUL

And I am absolutely in love with how it looks on the inside.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint in PEACEFUL Used on Interior

Even with painting about three coats on both sides of the door, I have some paint left over.  One jar is enough!

The next door I wanted to paint was my front door.  Here it is BEFORE.  The previous type of paint I used was chipping off and needed a facelift.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint BEFORE

I chose a similar red color – Sophisticated from the Front Door Paint Collection.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint in SOPHISTICATED

Beautiful, isn’t it?!

The final task that my husband and I wanted to complete was to paint and hang shutters on our home.  Our home had shutters in a previous life, but ever since we’ve lived there, there haven’t been any.  My hubby took on the challenge of salvaging shutters from homes in our neighborhood that were being torn down (so that new McMansions could be put up, which all look the same and totally destroy the character of the neighborhood… don’t get me started!!!!!!!!!).  Anyway – he worked very hard to acquire the correct number of shutters in the right sizes for our home.  He finally had them all – and we started painting!

We chose the color Elegant from the Front Door Paint Collection.

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in ELEGANT

My husband was very impressed with how smoothly and evenly the paint went on.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint Used on Shutters

And I was thrilled that this water based paint washes off hands so well!

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint Washes Off Hands!

Little helpers sometimes get messy!

We prepared all the shutters, but had technical difficulties when it came to actually hanging them.  I’ll be sure to share a photo when we work out the kinks, but here’s what they look like all ready for hanging!  They are going to look fantastic on our home, and give it the final touch we need.  Plus, Modern Masters is non-fading, so we won’t have to duplicate this process anytime soon!  Bonus!

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters : Front Door Paint : Shutters

I have nothing but great things to say about using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  My husband and I are thrilled with how our two doors look (and the inside of one!) and the shutters.  If you’re interested in trying it out – it is available at selected Lowes and Ace Hardwares as well as online at Amazon, HomeDepot.com, or the Modern Masters online shop.

So what do you think?  Which door do you prefer?  My front door in Sophisticated or my back door in Peaceful?


This is a sponsored post.  Pursuing Vintage was compensated with product by Modern Masters.  The company did not tell me what to write – all opinions are mine.

One Room Challenge Linking Participant

It’s here!  Week 6 of Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge!  Reveal Day!

I chose to makeover my side screen porch, my back porch, and front porch.  The side screen porch was the biggest job, but all three spaces needed a facelift.  You can see the original plan here.

For the most part, we accomplished what we wanted to.  Here are a few of the before photos with the punch list.

The Front Door : Pursuing Vintage : ORC : Punch List

The Screen Porch : Pursuing Vintage : ORC : Punch List

The Back Porch : Pursuing Vintage : ORC : Punch List

Let’s take a look at the front of the house first.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Porch Makeover

My husband took the lead here.  He took salvaged wood pieces and built the flower boxes.  He also took a second-hand light, painted it black, and created the board to mount it on.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Light

I painted the front door “Sophisticated” red using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  (Tune in next week for a detailed write up about painting my doors!).

Pursuing Vintage : Red Front Door Brass Knocker

Pursuing Vintage : Salvaged Wood Flower Boxes

Pursuing Vintage : Red Front Door : Brass Details

Now for our back porch, which we use much more than our front porch!  It’s actually the door everyone comes to when they visit.

Pursuing Vintage : Back Porch Makeover Red White Blue

We added some potted ferns and a new doormat.

Pursuing Vintage : Back Porch : Blue Door

I painted the back door this beautiful “Peaceful” blue using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.

Pursuing Vintage : Blue Back Door

We also spray painted our old doorknocker, and turned it into a more glamorous gold pineapple.

Pursuing Vintage : Gold Pineapple Door Knocker

We repainted our vintage mailbox with a fresh coat of black paint.

Pursuing Vintage : Vintage Mailbox

Pursuing Vintage : Patriotic Back Porch Makeover

We repainted our Adirondack chairs and made them a candy apple red.  We added flag art that our kids painted, and a stars and stripes pillow on the rocker to pull it together.

Pursuing Vintage : Patriotic Back Porch

We found these cool antique brass tags at an antique store and attached one to each chair.

Pursuing Vintage : Red Chair with Vintage Tag

Our screen porch was the largest job.  We had a contractor re-frame, screen, and replace the door.  We painted the floor, and added our decor.  We are LOVING this space and the boys enjoy eating their breakfast outside.

Pursuing Vintage : Screen Porch Interior

Pursuing Vintage : Screen Porch Makeover

I found the vintage rattan furniture and purchased new cushions and a rug.  The little table – you’re not going to believe this – was only THREE DOLLARS at our preschool resale fundraiser.  I figured that I couldn’t go wrong for $3, and I can replace it anytime and not feel guilty about it.  But it’s actually the perfect size for the kids to sit at and it doesn’t take up too much room in this small space.

Pursuing Vintage : Screen Porch Makeover with Vintage Accessories

It totally bugs me that the contractor said we had to wait several months before we could paint the wood framing because the wood had to dry out.  (?)  I’m just going with it – and we’ll go through and repaint all the white trim next year.

Pursuing Vintage : Rattan Chair

Pursuing Vintage : Rattan Loveseat

To style the table, I shopped my own Pursuing Vintage Shop inventory.  I picked up some brass candle holders and a blue and white small jardiniere.

Pursuing Vintage : Styled Table on Screen Porch

We added a “K J” planter (our initials).  The planters were used at our outdoor wedding (7 years ago in September!).

Pursuing Vintage : Jade Plant

And, of course, I’ll be drinking many glasses of wine in my new porch – and this bottle bears our family name, so it’s the perfect first bottle to enjoy on the porch!

Pursuing Vintage : Details of Screen Porch


I am so happy with all of the work we did, and the impact all these little updates had on the exterior of our home.  We gained a living space, increased curb appeal, and cleaned up some areas of neglect.  We have a few things we’d still like to accomplish this summer, such as painting the porch ceilings and hanging the shutters (they’re painted and ready to go!).  But there are several months of warm weather ahead of us, and this six week challenge has got me on a roll!

I can’t believe I’ve now completed my third One Room Challenge!  (You can see my Mudroom Makeover and Powder Room Makeover here).

If you haven’t already, take a look at all the other amazing makeovers from the ORC Official Participants and the ORC Linking Participants.

A HUGE Thank You to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting yet another fun and productive ORC!  Linda, I have you to thank for helping motivate me to get (now THREE!) spaces completed!

Check back next week for more details about how I painted my front door and back porch door (even the inside of one!  I’ll show you the photo next week!) and shutters for the entire house.


One Room Challenge Linking ParticipantHellllloooo WEEK FIVE!  Here we are, five weeks into the One Room Challenge Linking Event!  I am so pleased with all that my hubby and I have accomplished this past week.  Some quick background information: I am updating and giving makeovers to my front porch, side screen porch, and back porch.  You can see the original master plan here.

A lot of details, and I don’t want to spoil the big reveal next week, so here are a couple of glimpses.

Check out this pretty bargain I picked up at Marshalls!  It was … wait for it … on CLEARANCE!  Total score!

Pursuing Vintage / ORC / Porch Makeover

A also added some plants to the screen porch (you’ve already seen this sneak peek if you follow me on Instagram!).

Pursuing Vintage / ORC / Screen Porch Makeover

We have also spent a fair amount of time painting this past week.  My hubby has been painting the shutters using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  It’s super easy to use, and is looking great!

Pursuing Vintage / ORC / Modern Masters Paint

I started painting our front door another shade of red.  Not a huge change, but the old coat of paint was worn and it was a task that needed to be done.  As with the shutters, I’m using Modern Masters Front Door Paint – the fabulous color is called “Sophisticated”.  (I’ll be writing about the whole painting experience in more detail after the ORC is over – be sure to stop back!).

Pursuing Vintage / ORC / Modern Masters Paint


I’m so excited with how everything is turning out, and I just can’t wait to show you next week at the big reveal!

Check out all the other amazing ORC Linking Participants, and the Official ORC Participants.  There is some serious talent there, and you will certainly be inspired!