Repro Thursday

This isn’t the first bar featured on Repro Thursday – you know I love a good bar or bar cart!  But this Design Within Reach bar made an impression on me, and I just had to share it!

DWR – Line Bar

The Line Bar is designed by Nathan Yong.  “I have always been inspired by the simple forms of turntables and entertainment units from the 1960s,”  Yong explains to DWR.  Don’t you just love the slatted front?  There are other pieces in Yong’s collection, including a credenza and media console.

DWR – Line Credenza


DWR – Line Media Console

But let’s get back to that bar!

DWR – Line Bar


DWR – Line Bar


And if you like to park  your motorcycle in your home, the Line Bar will complement your ride.  (Random?)

DWR – Line Bar

Motorcycle aside, I think the Line Bar is a great piece, with terrific vintage-inspired lines and function.

What do you think?





S&L Fall Catalog Cover

So there I was, drinking up all of the beauty that is the Serena & Lily Fall Catalog… – and there I see it.  Barely visible.  A flock of seagulls.

Serena & Lily Fall Catalog

Okay, not really a flock.  Just one.  (But I really wanted to reference that RAD ’80’s band!)

I know, it’s hard to see online – and if you’re reading on your phone, you’re probably thinking “What in the world does she see? She’s delusional!”  But seriously, check out your catalog, and it’s much more visible.

Why am I so excited about a seagull sculpture?  Because I love spotting something and knowing that it’s cool, that somebody, somewhere will love it.  And that’s what happened with this seagull.


I found him several months ago, and just knew that it was an interesting piece.  It has modern yet graceful lines, and a clean off-white finish.  It can work in many different decor situations.  And so, when Serena & Lily style a room with the exact same seagull that I have available in my shop, I get pretty excited!

Here he is, in his full seagull-glory.  Available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop, awaiting his new home.  Will he be yours?





I was surfing through Houzz yesterday when I came across this amazing home.  I have a “thing” for old homes.  This one is no exception.

I applaud the owners for preserving this 200 year old home, yet updating it just enough to make for a comfortable, beautiful home.

The room that I am in love with is this living room.  It is vastly different from my own living room, which is filled with color and shiny things.  But the simple classic beauty of this room calls to me.

My design taste is a perfect example of my “Gemini” personality.  I can love a room like this:

via casa stephens interiors

or this:

Southern Living Idea House via Inspired Room

Just as much as a room like this:
Are you the same way?  Do you find it hard to name your style because so many different styles appeal to you?  I think that’s why I’m so bad at making design decisions (I ponder and ponder…).  Because I like pretty things!  And deciding on which pretty things to surround myself with is overwhelming at times.  Let me know I’m not alone out there!
Visit Houzz to take the rest of the home tour, and see different photos of the same home in the NY Times article here.