I just wanted to take a break from all of the beautiful Easter blog posts, and give you a giggle.  Because who knew that vintage Easter cards and Lady Gaga’s fashion had so much in common?!

Nothing says Happy Easter like a naked woman emerging from a giant egg!

via Bytes

Perhaps that was Lady Gaga’s inspiration?

via Daily Mail

Oh – and then there’s this… just some rabbits wearing eggs…

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And this… just Gaga wearing an egg and fishnets (personally I like the addition of the fishnets. The rabbits could take a cue from Gaga here)…

via arent we fancy


So there you go.  An odd connection between vintage Easter cards and a pop diva.

On that note!  Have a very Happy Easter and wonderful weekend!



Has it really been almost two months since I found an awesome Lucite chandelier at an estate sale and debated if it would work in my dining room?  Yes, yes it has.  Darn you, Time!  You come and go so quickly!

Well, here it is!  We did it!  We found an electrician (not an easy feat) and had it installed.  And I LOVE IT!  Thank you to all of you who encouraged me!

Lucite Chandelier in Dining Room

Dining Room with Lucite Chandelier

And here it is illuminated.  (And notice that fabulous Kerry Steele painting in the background?  I LOVE that, too!  Especially with the new chandelier!)

Dining Room Lucite Chandelier Illuminated

Okay, wait for it.  Because I’m me, and can’t let sleeping dogs lie… do you think it’s too low?  We hung it at the same level of our previous chandelier, which was fine.  But I’m debating on this.  The bottom of it hangs 31″ above the table, which my Pinterest search said was correct:

via Lighting World


via Shush in Your Home


And, Nancy from Powell Brower at Home, I referenced your dining room advice, too!  (Full of lot’s of great tips for having the perfect dining room!).

But… I’m still not sure.  Part of me thinks that it could go about two inches higher, but is it worth the trouble?  My husband says it’s perfect where it is.  Hmmm.  (Is that his inner designer speaking?  Or his inner husband-who-wants-this-project-finished speaking?).

What do you think?


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Have you been to the new online shopping destination, Hunters Alley? It is part of the One Kings Lane family, and it is a fun, funky, addicting marketplace!  It is full of interesting vintage items, as well as new and handmade items.  There is truly something for everyone!

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