Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge, hosted & created by Linda at Calling it Home.  If you’re new to Pursuing Vintage or need a refresher, you can check out Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Last week was rough, and I thank you all for your kind comments, and all the great ideas.  Everyone here seems to be on the mend.  My hubby ditched the crutches and Big Boy’s last day of antibiotics was yesterday (woohoo!).

This week I had to chuckle as I thought back to when I decided to participate in The Challenge.  My thought process went a little something like this: Oooh… this will be fun!  I really need to get a lot of rooms done, and this will be great motivation!  Six weeks should be a breeze, especially if I keep it at a realistic goal of redoing that little mudroom.  How difficult could that room be?  I should have it done in about a week, and then I’ll have to pretend to still be working on it so I can participate in the weekly updates…

Well, that is a big HA HA, SUCKER!  (Sucker being moi).  Especially with the turns of last week, I have been humbled.  It’s not that the room is that complicated.  It’s just finding the time and energy to do it.  And, let’s face it, painting is a witch.  All of that dark paint around my white moulding has really taken a lot of time.  But, that is part of the challenge of The Challenge, right?

This week I focused on sewing the cushion cover for the bench.  I had chosen the fabric the week before, so it was just a matter of digging the sewing machine out of the basement, dusting it off, and trying to remember how to thread it.  I also needed to cut the fabric and pin it.  I decided on a pocket-style cover so I wouldn’t need to worry about trying to put a zipper on (it would need to be a seven week challenge if I had to do that!!!)  It all looked a little like this:


I put everything on the floor figure it out.


I pinned the fabric where I needed to sew – and tried not to leave any pins for Baby Boy to find.


After I sewed the edges, I turned it inside out and marked with pins where I needed to sew the ends.


I only broke one needle!


Sneak peek!

I’m so relieved to have that cushion finished!  I’ll wait and show you next week.  I still need to do the frames for the boys’ art (thank you for all the suggestions!) and my husband is adding another piece of moulding with hooks at a lower height for the boys.  We also need to put up the new light fixture.  Hopefully we’ll be ready!  Please check in next week to see if I made it!

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Have a Happy Halloween!




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  1. Linda @ Calling it Home
    Linda @ Calling it Home says:

    Yes, it is harder than it appears, but it doesn’t help when ‘dad’ points out areas that could use another coat of paint. Still laughing over that one. I love the fabric you are using. Glad everyone is better.

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