I’ve always loved reading biographies.  I have a tendency to gain interest in an historical figure, then read everything I possibly can about them.  This dates back to when I first saw the movie Amadeus, and proceeded to check out every book our local library had about Mozart.

Since then I’ve devoured the history of Jefferson, the many queens of Henry VIII (their stories are SO much more interesting than his!), and now, more recently, Jackie Kennedy.

I just find her story so interesting.  Her strength of character, her resilience.  And, of course, her style.

I’m busy busy with my mudroom makeover, so today we’re just going to have some Jackie O eye candy.  Enjoy!

I love the photos of her with her kids — she seems so much more real that way.

How cute is that slip-covered chair?

Oh, Jackie, such great style you had!

Be sure to check in tomorrow and see the progress I’m making on my mudroom!


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