Last week I shared with you my unorganized, unsightly mudroom.  As a One Room Challenge Linking Participant, I decided to attack that room head-on and transform it in six weeks.  (If you haven’t checked out the official One Room Challenge designers, be sure to check them out over at Calling it Home— trust me, you’ll be inspired!).

The first step was to find out what exactly was crammed in those bench baskets.  I also thought I should go through the numerous purses and diaper bags and eliminate what I don’t use.  Same with the coats and mound of shoes.


I feel that to really help this room, I need color.  And not that sherbert green I have on the coat wall.  Off to Home Depot to ponder “Mickey colors” (my son calls the paint sample cards Mickey colors because Home Depot used to carry a Disney paint line and the cards were shaped like Mickey. So we go to the “Mickey color store” to get “Mickey colors”.  I digress.)

I wanted a shade of blue, since that is primarily the color I’m using on the first floor of the house.  I didn’t want a blue with a lot of green in it, or one that was too purple-y.  My mom suggested choosing one with some grey, and I actually listened to her.

Behr paint – Blue Willow

I have to admit, the fact that it is called Blue Willow had me at hello.

We have beautiful crown moulding throughout the house, and it was a total pain to tape up.  I thought that because the room was so small it would be a breeze.  It took me two days to tape in between re-taping where my youngest was peeling the tape off, and, well, everything else that goes on in a typical day here.

After I put the boys to bed last night, I got to work!  Here’s a peek:


I learned that painting at night, and with a glass of wine, yields spotty results.  Literally.  It looked great last night – I finished the whole room, my husband looked it over as another set of eyes, I was happy.  Little paint monsters must have appeared while I was asleep.  In daylight I could see little spots where the coverage wasn’t great, and a place where *gasp* the paint ran.  Ugh.  So, tonight you know what I’ll be doing.  I just can’t paint during the day — instead of paint monsters causing trouble, it would be two little boys.  So, I marked all the spots that need help, and I’ll hopefully fix everything tonight.

I feel like the painting is the biggest task in this room.  Once I finish that, I’ll feel a ton better!

Next up I’ll be picking a new fabric to recover the bench seat, installing a window shade, and a few other surprises (I can’t tell you everything!  The reveal wouldn’t be as fun!).

Back to work!!!

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  1. Elisa
    Elisa says:

    Painting at night is the worst! I’m in the same boat as you, everything gets done when the kiddos are in bed and the light is gone. We’ll survive though 😉

  2. Elle
    Elle says:

    There’s been many a late night when I’ve been painting! But it’s looking good- love your paint choice. Keeping a mudroom organized is always a challenge- can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. Lisa Rozario
    Lisa Rozario says:

    I love the color and that it has a grey tone to it at night. I use Behr Premium Ultra Plus occasionally, when I have time to make it down to HD. It is a great product. It is not the worst if you did the bulk of the painting under the influence of a glass of wine. At least you just have to touch up the next day and not redo the space 🙂

  4. Carol @arewethereyet
    Carol @arewethereyet says:

    I understand painting “helpers” – my grand daughter would LOVE to “help” Nana and Granpe paint. So, when we are doing projects I help by keeping her occupied while Granpe locks himself in the room and paints away. We get most of our work done on the weekend – our little helper is at home with her mommy and daddy! 🙂 Good luck getting everything painted!

  5. StagerLinda
    StagerLinda says:

    I thought you had to enjoy wine while painting. Love the color — I too am a sucker for the names of paints. Your room is going to looks for fresh and pretty!

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