Today is my five year anniversary — five incredible years being married to a truly wonderful man.  I want to take today’s post and take a little walk down memory lane and look at some of the details from my wedding.  My mom and I spent hours upon hours planning every tiny detail.  And here I am five years later, barely remembering those details!  The day was beautiful, but a blur.  You know how that is.  And the last five years have been a blur (something having to do with having two boys under the age of four probably has something to do with that!).  So I thought this would be a great opportunity to look at the photos, share some with you, and jog my memory!

I do want to give credit to our great photographer Michael Barton.  His photos are beautiful, and he has since created beautiful portraits of both my boys.

John and I were married in a small town in the suburbs of Chicago.  We were married at my mother’s house – the house where I lived during some of my high school years.  The home was built in 1902 – historic by Illinois standards.  It is a beautiful Neo-classic on the banks of the Fox River.  The name of the estate is The Pillars, because, of course, it has many.


It was a treat being able to get ready in my own room, and in my mom’s room where she has her vintage dressing table.

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Our beautiful cake with tiny details mimicking the pearls on my dress, awaiting the event in the kitchen where it was cooler.  We realized at the last minute the sun room (where it was to be displayed) was going to be too hot to keep the cake from melting!


I chose a simple white hydrangea bouquet.


The boutineers and girls’ bouquets all had primarily pink flowers.  The girls wore black dresses and pearls.

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We took the detail K & J from our invitations and incorporated it onto flower pots and any printed paper goods (signs, napkins, programs, etc).

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When I was younger I always used to daydream about walking down the front staircase in a wedding dress.


My grandmother made the ring pillow out of satin from her own wedding dress.


Our ceremony was in the formal garden, near the steps leading to the sun room. The guests were seated around the koi pond.  The aisle was made from pink and white rose petals.

3 2

A violinist and harpist played the ceremony music.

10 9

My niece carried the ring pillow.  She wore a tiara that my mom had worn as flower girl at her aunt’s wedding.


It was a beautiful walk down the aisle, on my father’s arm.  I remember taking a moment to see all of the family and friends who had come from near and far to support John and I on that wonderful day.

17 19

The ceremony seemed to go so quickly!

20e d

Many of the photos were taken in the backyard, on the hillside leading to the river.  Our reception took place in the front yard.

13 27

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The reception took place in the front yard, with tables under a tent, and out in the open air under the stars.

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The cake was cut and we had a first dance to Tony Bennett’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow.



We ended a wonderful evening by throwing the bouquet from the front balcony.  To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t fall off!


Thanks for indulging me while I reminisce!

And now, I have to do something which it is desperately time for:  I need to throw away my wedding bouquet.  *Gasp*  It is wilted and has collected dust for five years.  I would be disgusted with myself if I let it continue to mummify while being displayed on my dresser for another five years.  Maybe my allergies will improve after this is gone!

Goodbye bouquet!  You were beautiful for a day!


And one last shout-out to my wonderful hubby– A wonderful father to my sons and a terrific husband.  He supports me as a mother and wife, and as an individual.  He shows me patience and understanding and unconditional love.  He has been a great support while I’ve started Pursuing Vintage, and I know he’ll continue to help me in any endeavor I choose.    He’s my true love and my best friend.  I’m one lucky girl.

Have a great weekend everyone!




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  1. Brunie
    Brunie says:

    Really gorgeous and beautiful details. Thank You for sharing the beauty in your life.
    Sincerely, Brunie

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