I had some much-appreciated quiet time this weekend to sit and flip through the latest Elle Decor.  The cover advertised Cameron Diaz’s Ultra-Glam Apartment.  Not a feature I was going to hurry to read, as I am not the biggest Cam fan.  However, I will give her this: she has great taste (at least where her Manhattan apartment is concerned!).

Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan apartment was designed by Kelly Wearstler.

Wearstler & Diaz – Elle Decor

What strikes me about Wearstler is the obvious use of vintage and vintage-inspired decor.  Let’s take a look inside Ms. Diaz’s home.

Elle Decor

“In the living room of actress Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan apartment, which was designed by Kelly Wearstler, the swivel armchair by the window is by Milo Baughman, and the Murano-glass chandelier, cocktail table, and stools are vintage,” – Elle Decor

In this room I love the vintage furnishings, obviously.  But I’m also surprised how much I like the use of these colors.  I’m always hesitant on choosing colors anyway, but I can’t say I’d be brave enough to have a “sorbet-esque” room. This room really works, though.  The neutrals of the sofa and cocktail table help to balance everything.

Elle Decor

“The kitchen’s backsplash, counters, and sink fittings are unlacquered brass, the brass-trimmed cabinetry is lacquered in a custom color, and the range is by Viking; the wood floors were treated with an ebony stain and then cerused.” -Elle Decor

I love this kitchen.  The green cabinetry is so unexpected.  I’ve certainly never seen that before.  And combined with the brass detail, it is like a visit to The Emerald City!  When can I have this kitchen installed in my house??!


Elle Decor

“A Pierre Chareau–designed lamp on a circa-1960 chest by Drexel in the living room; the fireplace screen is by Charles Edwards, and the painting is by Hunt Slonem.”- Elle Decor

The vintage Drexel chest has great detail.  The placement of the knobs and alignment of the drawers give it interest.  I really like the shape of the fireplace screen.  And how glam is the mirrored fireplace?

Elle Decor

“The guest room features a custom-made brass four-poster and parchment-covered nightstands, a 1960 Austrian ceiling fixture, and a vintage marble garden stool; the painting is by Riccardo Prosperi, and the silk rug is by the Rug Company.” -Elle Decor

I had to read it twice.  This is the guest room.  Why doesn’t Cameron want to sleep in a custom-made brass four-poster bed???!  What is wrong with her?!  This bed is fantastic!  And I love it paired with these nightstands.

Elle Decor

At least she has a fabulous master bath!

Here is an excerpt from an interview Elle Decor did with Kelly Wearstler:

ED: How has your aesthetic evolved?

KW: It evolves every time I find a fantastic artist or designer or am seduced by a new material. Hollywood Regency is a label some people put on me, but I consider myself a modernist in that I always try to make the work feel fresh.

ED: What are your inspirations?

KW: Travel is the biggest, but I can find it in vintage books and fashion or spend hours in a button store and see one that inspires a pillow. And I greatly admire David Hicks and Ettore Sottsass.

ED: What is the essential element of any room?

KW: It’s not a thing but a spirit: The essence of a room is the emotion it conjures.


I know I’ll be looking at more of Kelly Wearstler’s work.  I think she does a tremendous job incorporating vintage into her design.

In the meantime, Cameron – if you need a house-sitter, someone to sleep in that guest room, I could be available.  How do you feel about Lego-Duplo/Matchbox style and little hand prints on all those shiny surface?










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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    I poured over this article when my magazine arrived. The light fixtures in the living room and kitchen are what grabbed me. I love those light fixtures! I wonder if I could diy one? Kelly green, my favorite color! In a kitchen? Although, it is stunning, I myself could not live with it for long. And because I am not Cameron Diaz and own only one home, I would have to live with it for a very, very, very long time. But I am with you, willing to house sit anytime! Kelly Wearstler designs such amazing spaces.

    • Kristen
      Kristen says:

      Yes, beautiful light fixtures. You’re probably right about the green kitchen being too much after awhile. And, it is dark. Wouldn’t work in my home, but in hers it looks terrific!

  2. Brunie
    Brunie says:

    a designer showcase yes, but not a home. The kitchen is
    beautiful, I doubt if she ever cooks in there though……..

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