It’s Monday.  Why does the weekend pass so quickly??

I found this book while I was out pursuing vintage this weekend, and it gave me a few laughs.  I figure that everyone can use a few laughs on Monday!

Betty White's Teen Age Dance Book

I’ll admit that I first grabbed it because it was penned by Betty White.  After doing a little looking around, it seems that the author is not the Betty White.  Booo!  (Although, Amazon has the book linked to the Betty White).

Looking past the Betty White issue, this book is so great!  It is a relic from an era that is gone.  I love love love the couple on the cover!  And check out the back cover:


“In addition, there are stimulating chapters on how to organize and run proms, parties, dances, etc.”  Really?

Here’s a peek inside:


Check your phonograph needles, everyone!


I love the names of these party games!  Has anyone played these before?  Wouldn’t it be so fun if “kids these days” played party games like these?

And here is the proper dress code for girls:


Ladies, get your gloves out!  I actually wish that gloves were still a popular trend.  If you watch Scandal on ABC you’ve seen Olivia Pope bringing back the long gloves as outerwear, but I haven’t seen a lot of “shorties” out there right now!

via Washington Post


I’ve saved the best for last:


This is still relevant, right?!  For adults AND teenagers!  Although, I think its funny that it needs to be stated to never “doodle on the furniture”.  And, I think I’ve personally been guilty of failing to never “criticize your partner’s dancing” (sorry hubby!).

Anyway – this book is really cute and a fun glimpse into a different time.  And, evidently I can now learn the Virginia Reel!

Have a great Monday!


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