Yesterday I shared with you the amazing transformation a little baking soda and water can do to chrome.  Today you can see the finished product!

(Drum roll)

Behold…  a set of four upholstered Baughman Style chrome cantilever chairs.

Chrome Chair

Check out these lines!  (ummm… how about that SHINE!)

Baughman Style Chrome Flat Bar Chair

This is a set of four (and yes! I did clean up all four — but I was running out of time before the baby woke from his nap and didn’t get a chance to photograph them all together).  The upholstery is not great.  One seat does have a little rip on the seat.  And, to me, it looks like this is not the original upholstery, as the wood from the chair is exposed on the bottom.  The metal is in really good shape.  If you’re interested in these chairs, I will send you close up photos for your reference.

Here are some similar chairs floating around out there:

via Ebay

Some with arms…


A stool version by Design Institute America…

A rust color paired with chrome, anyone?

What would you do with these chairs?  How would you reupholster them?  What kind of table would you pair them with?

If you can see them in your home, you can find them in the Pursuing Vintage SHOP.