My youngest son is still in a crib, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining how I will transition his room into a “big boy” room.  We went the Pottery Barn Kids route with my older son.  Its adorable, and he loves it (which is really what matters).  But I feel like I want something a bit more unique for my baby.  And the best way I know how to incorporate “unique” is to add vintage!

Right now Land of Nod is showing some really cool vintage-inspired furniture in their catalog.

Land of Nod Catalog


Land of Nod

Both photos feature their Ellipse bed and furniture collection.  I really love the lines of the bed.  I think they did a really nice job styling the room.  But, at $799 for a twin bed, I just can’t justify buying new.  Its not authentic!  I’d rather spend $799 on a REAL vintage mid-century bed.  I guess I must be nearly alone on this thought because the bed is on back order!

So, since I have just under a year until I need to have a bed to replace the crib, I’ll be Pursuing Vintage boys bedroom furniture!

Here are a few styles I like:


Great headboard!

Ramona Rode Home

A little too Danish modern?

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I think this is my favorite!  Broyhill Brasilia.

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Great headboard – not a huge fan of the “double decker” table.  Or the decor in this room.  🙂

I’m looking at the furniture in these photos, not the decor.  I really like the curved lines and geometric shapes.  The color of the wood is so rich.  I will definitely need to go with a tall chest, as opposed to the long dresser.  Floor space is a commodity!

What do you think?  Are there any MCM styles out there that you’d recommend?