… wish it were Sunday…  ’cause that’s my fun day… my I-don’t-have-to-run day… (everybody now!) Its just another manic Monday!  {Oh Bangles, where are you now?}

Yes, yes, Monday again.  But it means that I have some great finds to share with you this week!

Pace Collection Furniture was a fine furniture company in business from the early 1970’s until 2001 (according to my trusty(?) Wikipedia research).  Much of the vintage Pace furniture that we see being used now in design is of the glass and chrome or brass variety.  The pieces have a simplicity to them which lends itself to a clean-lined glamour.  Just as how the lucite coffee table is popular right now for opening up a room, a Pace table will have a similar effect.

To start off the week, I’d like to share with you a Pace Collection round dining table with two brass/glass bases.

Pace Round Glass Table 2 Bases


Now, after researching this a bit, I believe that the round tables usually use one base.  Most photos I’ve seen show the two bases being used with a rectangular top.  If you’re interested in purchasing this set, I will give you the option of purchasing just one base with the round top, or the two bases with the round top.  There are so many different configurations you can do with the bases.

And don’t you love the painting in the background by Kerry Steele?

Here’s a pic of the table top and one base:

Pace Round Table 1 Base

I was so excited to find this piece, and sites like 1stdibs and similar have them for sale for a lot more than what I will offer them at.  Check out this link if you want to take a peek and see the table in the rectangle version: Pace on 1stdibs.

I think this table is so fun!  My dining room looks three times bigger with this table rather than my wood pedestal table I normally use.  Some really great chairs would really set off the table.

Here are some other Pace tables out there:

via MidModModern

Rectangular table with trapezoid base (I personally think the chairs could be a lot more exciting, don’t you?).

from Elle Decor

Great Pace coffee table – love the thick brass legs.

from Architectural Digest

Elton John’s lucite & chrome Pace table – if Elton John has a Pace table, then it MUST be fabulous!

The bases and glass are in terrific condition.  Contact me if you’re interested!  Pricing details located on the SHOP page.

Another great Pace find coming tomorrow!  Have a great Monday!





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