pursue |pərˈsoō|


verb ( -sues , -sued , -suing ) [ trans. ]

1 follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them
• seek to attain or accomplish (a goal), esp. over a long period
2 (of a person or way) continue or proceed along (a path or route)
• engage in (an activity or course of action)
• continue to investigate, explore, or discuss (a topic, idea, or argument)


I pursue vintage.  I love vintage.  I love things with a history, a story.  The word “antique” seems so stuffy, so old and dusty, so I’ll use the word “vintage” (besides, anything with an association to wine can’t be bad, right?!)  I believe that vintage furniture, and many vintage decor items, were crafted better than those we can buy new in stores today.  The furniture is solid.  The wood is real, thick, heavy.  Pieces have lived through times we may not have.  The wear, the patina, oh Lord, don’t get me started on patina!  Fashion comes and goes and comes back again.  Style remains.

To find an authentic piece sitting in a dusty corner waiting to be saved is my specialty, my salvation.  As the mom of two little boys, I need time to escape the sippy cups and Matchbox cars.  Searching for unique vintage items is my “me” time.  I love the hunt and the thrill of the chase.  The potential to bring a piece back to life and find a new owner, a new home, is exciting to me.  I also enjoy the investigation of it all.  Learning about the pieces I find is part of the fun (sometimes just a story about the owner, sometimes a more general story about what a piece was used for or the company that manufactured it).  I am always learning.

Part of learning about vintage is exploring how vintage is incorporated into design today.  I can’t get through my morning cup of coffee without visiting the popular design blogs.  Diaper changes and toaster waffles wait until I’ve perused the latest trends.  And it amazes me how the latest trends seem to always incorporate vintage pieces.  Of course, what era and style vintage is considered “on-trend” will always change, but surely vintage will be appreciated.  After all, what is new today will be considered vintage soon enough.

My goal is to use Pursuing Vintage as a place to explore vintage, investigate what is on-trend, and share my great finds (I’d love to keep it all, but I’d never have enough space for it all!) .  I hope you’ll make Pursuing Vintage a stop on your morning blog-jog!


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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    The blog looks fabulous! I look forward to seeing more of your photos, ideas, and inspiration as you share your pursuit of vintage….

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