I’m sick of seeing white. I’m tired of playing in the snow. I’m tired of playing in the house. My kids have been home wayyy too long! Oh, and did I mention that I had no internet or cable for nine whole days?!  I’m extremely behind reading all of my favorite blogs, scrolling Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram… answering emails.  I feel very out of touch right now!

Fortunately I get a lot of snail mail. Magazines and catalogs seem to sensing my growing need to get out of winter (that has barely started – I know). I’m seeing green everywhere in print!  Which is great because all of this white out my window has me dreaming of green.

Green Catalogs and Magazines / Bringing Green Indoors / Pursuing Vintage

Using plants indoors is nothing new in 2016, we saw a lot of that last year.  But I feel it still has momentum and is not a dying trend.  And somehow plants just feel so right when paired with vintage!

Here is some indoor green inspiration.  Greenspiration.

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If you want to follow an Instagram feed with tons of beautiful indoor green inspiration, please check out Annabode’s feed.  Anna has wonderful aesthetic and she manages to sneak in a bit of green in many of her photos.  This is one of my favorites:

And now, it is time for my confession:  This is what my house plant looks like right now…

Dead house plant / Pursuing Vintage

He was outside on our screen porch all summer and thrived there.  I brought him in before winter hoping to keep him alive.  Clearly I’ve failed.  I’ll just stick to admiring all the indoor plants in photos of other people’s homes!


Last Friday I tried to encourage myself to embrace the winter weather by sharing some vintage photos of crazy people fun-loving people enjoying the snow.

It totally didn’t work.

This weather stinks.  I wouldn’t mind the snow if it was actually warm enough outside to go play in it.  Instead we’ve been stuck inside (preschool was cancelled again on Wednesday – that’s TWO WEEKS IN A ROW that Baby Boy hasn’t attended!).  I’m running out of stickers and brownie mix.  Even the construction of the new house across the street has been sporadic.  At least they were back at it yesterday.  It does provide good entertainment for little guys.


So, I throw in the towel.  The beach towel, that is.  I’m going to resort to daydreaming about the beach.  Maybe everyone else has been on to something!

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via Much Love Anna


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via Gretchen Foxx


via Gretchen Foxx


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Even if these photos don’t warm you up, they’re good for a chuckle.

Have a great weekend!








Is winter over yet?  Here in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, we’ve been hit by snow and extremely cold weather.  Cold for us.  I know to my family in Chicago, this is nuthin’.  But here it practically paralyzes the city.  And my life.  My husband has been taking our four wheel drive SUV to and from work, leaving me stuck at home.  With two little boys.  I’ve exhausted my patience for kids’ crafts (we’ve painted two days in a row – I could never be an art teacher).  I’m sick of Nick Jr and Sprout.  I’ve been living in sweatpants and no makeup.  (I mean why even bother at this point?!).  If this lasts much longer, I’ll be a shell of the woman I used to be!!!!

I would love to imagine myself on a tropical island somewhere.  But then I look outside and see my son’s tricycle stuck in the snow.


I might as well embrace this, right?  I’m longing to be inspired by people who love winter.  You know… like her.

via Vintage Winter


So, instead of finding warm weather photos to just drive home the fact that I won’t be on a beach for at least another six months, I’m sharing these vintage happy-winter-people pics.


via Retrochik

What does she need an umbrella for?

via Vintage Winter

Just another party on a mountaintop.

via The Flamingo Tribe

Finally – a snowwoman!

via The Flamingo Tribe

These girls have a sense of humor!

via Vintag

I don’t know any nuns like this.

via Vintag


via Vintag

I think this is Young Republicans vs Young Democrats.


Let me know if you’ve embraced this weather, or if you’re fighting it like me!  Misery loves company!