I know I’ve been vocal about preferring authentic vintage pieces to reproductions, but I recognize that sometimes it is just plain easier to get a new piece of furniture.  You don’t have to search for it, there are no condition issues, sometimes you can have it customized, the list could go on depending on what is important to you.  There are a lot of companies doing some really nice reproduction and vintage-inspired pieces.  So, I thought it would be fun to take Thursdays to highlight some of these “finds”.  Please note, these features are not sponsored in any way – they just reflect my opinions!

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Repro Thursday

(You have to kind of say like a monster truck rally…. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!…. REPRO THURSDAY!!!)

If you’ve walked by a West Elm lately, you’ve surely noticed their extensive mid century line of furniture, aptly named The Mid-Century Collection.  There are several really great pieces in that collection (you’ll probably see more featured here on future Repro Thursdays).  One piece that I really like, and stops me every time I walk in the store, is the Parker Mid-Century Bar Cart.

West Elm


The wood with the brass accents is what really makes it for me.  I love the ball wheels (and how the wheels are only on the front two feet).  You could dress this baby up or down.  Here are a few other photos:

West Elm


West Elm


This cart is a nice break from all of the metal and brass bar carts we’ve been seeing.  It has a nice Danish feel.  What do you think?

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