I had the most fun opportunity this week!  Weschler’s Auctioneers in downtown Washington, DC asked me to design their front window!  They’re hosting a series called “Designer’s Best Bids”, and the task sounded simple: use items from the upcoming auction to create a space.  I honestly credit my college theatre scene design classes, where I would wait until the night before and design a set in a few hours on nothing but caffeine and youth.  I had neither going into this task, but the limited time sure had my adrenaline going!

I started by doing a walk-through and snapping pics of anything I thought I might want to use.  Weschler’s has SO many amazing items up for auction that it could have been easy to get overwhelmed.

Rattan Pouf - Weschler's - Pursuing Vintage   Chinoiserie chair / Weschler's / Pursuing Vintage

Blue Chaise / Weschler's / Pursuing Vintage

I feel this is where my creative capital lays – seeing the potential in a piece.  I knew right away that this blue chaise would be part of my vignette, and I was drawn to the Chinoiserie corner chair and the Albini rattan pouf.  I also found a great secretary desk that I knew would be fun to style.

Here’s a view of the space in the beginning.  It’s about 10′ by 5′.  I was really wanting to make that brass bar cart part of my scene, but  in the end it just wasn’t right.

Weschler's Window Before / Pursuing Vintage

Here’s the final view!  I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!

Weschler's Window / Desk / Pursuing Vintage Weschler's Window / Desk Styling / Pursuing Vintage

Weschler's Window / Desk & Mirror / Pursuing Vintage Weschler's Window / Chaise / Pursuing Vintage

Weschler's Window / Chaise & Table / Pursuing Vintage

This experience was so fun, and everyone at Weschler’s was so nice (thanks for all your help, Megan)!  If you’re downtown DC at 9th and E St NW, please stop by and check out Weschler’s window!  And definitely check out their auction schedule – they have weekly auctions and more!

Weschler's Window - Pursuing Vintage Sign


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