My master bedroom is a mess.  Meaning, it needs a major facelift, but I just can’t get my act together enough to actually do anything with it.  So, I’m starting with the general concept — trying to narrow down what I like and have a plan of attack.  Then maybe I can start making some changes.

I feel like the first thing that needs a change is the headboard.  Meet my headboard.


So, in defense of the headboard, it used to be an entire bed.  Not just a headboard.  I recently asked my husband to remove the foot board and rails.  I think the bed was handmade – a beautiful piece, but squeaky as heck.  In our small house, I was convinced that if I moved so much as an eyelid as I awoke in the morning, I would wake up the kids.  When we removed the rails, it made the mattress (sitting on a metal bed frame now) much lower than it had previously been.  So now the headboard looks even bigger than it should.  But I still think it’s too big for the room.  And it doesn’t have the right feel for what I’m going for.

I’m really drawn to upholstered headboards.  I like the soft, neutral feel of them.  I feel like they coordinate well with a variety of furniture styles, including the antique wood pieces I have.

Here are some that I really like:


Pottery Barn Upholstered Headboards
I’m using Pottery Barn headboards because these seem to encompass pretty much what is available from many retailers.  I would go with a neutral fabric – similar to what is shown in the selections above.  I briefly considered the many Pinterest tutorials out there to make my own, but then I thought about all the time I would spend researching the how-to, procrastinating, fabricating, etc etc.  I figured it was money well spent to just purchase one.  I am not opposed to seeking out someone to custom make one for me – I’ve seen some great ones on Etsy.


Two things I need help on:

1.  Are they overdone?  Have we seen too much of the upholstered headboard?  Will I be sick of it in two years?

2. Where do I get one without paying an arm and a leg?  If you own one, where did you find it, and are you happy with it?

I’m looking for any tips!  Any input is welcome!  To me, the headboard is going to be the anchor of the room – the piece on which everything else is decided.  So, you know… no pressure, right?!