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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s a time of reflection and gratitude.  A day centered around family.  (And food.  Definitely food.)

On this day I give thought to all I am thankful for-  too much to be included here today.  But at the top of my list, I’m thankful for my family, for their health and happiness.  I’m thankful for the support of family, friends, and all of you.

One of the biggest things I am thankful for is being able to stay home and raise my sons.  I’m thankful for my husband, who works so hard so that I can be home with them, and values what I do.

As I watch my little guys turn from babies into little boys (“big” boys if you ask them!) I remind myself that, even on the days I struggle most to maintain my sanity(!!!), these days are numbered.  My five year old’s little hands are filling mine.  My two year old is becoming more self-sufficient.  I cherish the moments we have.  I remind myself to breathe, to watch and listen.  To soak it up.  Seeing that baby face fall asleep on my chest every day at nap time, watching them play make-believe… these moments won’t last.  I’m so thankful I’m here for all of it.

Wishing you a beautiful & peaceful Thanksgiving.




How was your Thanksgiving?  I feel like it has been a really long several days!  I told my husband that Wednesday I was preparing for Thursday, Thursday I was preparing for Thursday, and Friday I was cleaning up from Thursday!  This was only my second time hosting Thanksgiving.  The first time I hosted Thanksgiving, Big Boy had just been born and was only two weeks old.  Thankfully my dad took care of ordering everything from Whole Foods, got it all ready, and basically handled everything.  As a new mommy, I couldn’t really handle anything!  The Thanksgivings in between then and now were spent at my sister in law’s.  So this was the first time I felt like I really hosted Thanksgiving.  What did I learn?  It is a lot of work!!!

Here are a few photos of my table:

Thanksgiving Table 3

We turned our table a different direction (I have to give my husband credit for that idea!).  It gave us more room on the sides that seated the most people.  I also used my vintage faux bamboo Stakmore folding chairs to accommodate everyone.  We had to move the brass and glass cart to the corner by the window to make room for the Christmas tree – but it turned out to be a handy place to set the passed dishes.  I learned that I need to take my table cloth to the dry cleaners to be pressed several days before the holiday.  I just didn’t have the energy to iron it – so don’t look too closely at it!

Thanksgiving Table 2

The boys and I made little turkey name cards out of an egg carton.  It was a fun activity to do on a cold day when we were stuck inside!

Thanksgiving Table 5

I used colorful ikat napkins that I had picked up at Pottery Barn a few months ago.  They added a fun splash of color, and complimented the artwork.

Thanksgiving Table 7

I used my great grandmother’s silverware for the first time, and had one of her green glass vases on the table to hold the flowers.

We had all of the usual menu items – though I will confess that I bought a roasted turkey breast instead of cooking a whole turkey.  The idea of cleaning and stuffing a whole turkey really makes me uneasy!  I also tried a really neat new recipe that I picked up at Trader Joe’s (green bean and sweet potato casserole – all in one).  I learned that I should do a “test run” of any new recipes in the future.  The times on the recipe were all off, and the dish turned out to be luke-warm, which was a disappointment.

Despite the work it takes to host a holiday, it was a lovely day surrounded by family.

How was your holiday?  Did you learn anything?  Or are you a seasoned Thanksgiving host?   Do you have any tips for those of us still learning?