I ran across this little article & video on MSN this morning and just had to share!  OF COURSE nothing beats a day at the spa, but it is kind of funny to think shopping for vintage decor could possibly have a similar calming effect!

“When the economy tanked, the vintage trend really took off. And it wasn’t just because secondhand stuff is cheaper. NBC News reports that new research forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Psychology finds that the appeal of vintage isn’t just aesthetic or financial — it’s psychological, as well. The researchers say we find vintage goods reassuring when facing an uncertain future. Because vintage items are from another era, they make us think of the past. When we incorporate them into our homes and our lives, we bring them into the present and, implicitly, into the future– based on the assumption that they’ll continue to be used. The researchers found that handling or even thinking about owning a vintage item put people in this frame of mind. The researchers say this frame of mind is calming and gets us to turn away from a “threat condition” mindset.”  See the full video here.

With all the vintage shopping I do, I should be cool as a cucumber!  What about you? Do you think there is truth to this study?  If you feel like testing it out, make a stop at The Pursuing Vintage Shop!  It is stocked full of reassuring and calming vintage items!

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