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If you follow Pursuing Vintage on Instagram, you probably have already seen these newest finds (Hint, hint! Follow me on Instagram to see things first!).  I am super excited to offer these amazing pieces!  Although, I do look like a chair addict right about now!  All of these pieces are in really good condition, so you could use them as-is, or go a different route and throw a coat of paint on them (or reupholster).

Here is a closer look:

Brighton Style Chairs at Pursuing Vintage

I know – you saw these amazing Brighton style chairs earlier this week on the blog (along with a little history lesson!).

Brighton Style Rattan Chairs

Here is another great set of rattan chairs.

Caned Rattan Barrel Chairs Pair

These are more petite than they look in the photo.  They are a nice compact size, perfect for a small space.

And yet another set of fun chairs – these tub chairs are done in a flame stitch fabric and set on casters.

Flame Stitch Tub Chairs

They are a Baughman style, similar to his swivel chairs – except these are on casters, not a platform swivel.  They are super-comfortable and in the right setting, this fabric could work!

And, finally, a Baker-style brass rimmed glass top coffee table.

Baker Style Coffee Table

The base is wood, not the tortoiseshell finish that I’ve seen elsewhere.  The brass rim is beautiful, and this table could be stunning in its new home!

All of the new finds (plus many new smaller decor pieces) can be found at The Pursuing Vintage Shop.  Take a look, and let me know if you see anything you like!




One of the thrills of pursuing vintage is learning about different styles and the history behind pieces.  My undergraduate degree is in theatre arts (talk about supportive parents!) and then I came back to reality and got a Master’s in education.  I can definitely see cross-over in my theatre arts studies with design, but I have no formal training in interior design, art history, antiques, etc.  I learn as I go, and that’s half the fun.

Last week I picked up these amazing chairs.

Brighton Style Chairs at Pursuing Vintage

I knew when I saw them that they were fantastic, but what should I call them besides “rattan”?  And then I found similar chairs labeled “Brighton” or “Brighton Style”.  So, what the heck is Brighton?  I had to find out.

I’ve done a lot of European traveling, but have never been to England.  Perhaps if I had, I would have known this already.  Brighton, or the Royal Pavilion, is a former royal residence, primarily associated with George IV (1762-1830) and located in Brighton, England.  “The Royal Pavilion is also home to some of the finest collections and examples of the chinoiserie style in Britain” (Brighton website).

Royal Pavilion, Brighton – via Timetravel Britain

Note the Indo-Saracenic style of the building’s architecture.

Dining Room – via Morgan & Jane’s Excellent Adventure

The dining room features panels adorned with Asian figures.

The Long Room, Brighton – via Victoriana

The Long Room is covered in pink chinoiserie!  You can barely see the “Brighton style” chairs just past the fireplace.

Staircase detail at Brighton via Austen Only

Hello, bamboo!

Brighton Bamboo Stairs

Bamboo Staircase via Austen Only

Stunning bamboo staircase.

img073 (2)

The Long Hall at Royal Pavilion via Brimstone Butterfly

Another look at the Long Hall, in all its pink and gold glory.

Royal Pavilion Kitchen via Brimstone Butterfly

Even the kitchen has chinoiserie decor – exotic “trees” and a pagoda fireplace/oven.

Brighton Men’s Banyan via Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums

I know several women who would love a robe like this – but it is made for a man.  See the close-up detail below.

Brighton Men’s Banyan via Austen Only


There is a lot of interesting history associated with Brighton – more than I can go into here.  But I encourage  you to take a peek at The Royal Pavilion, Museums & Libraries website.  I know the Royal Pavilion will be added to my bucket list!

I’d love to know if you’ve been to Brighton, and your thoughts!




Repro Thursday

The latest Serena & Lily catalog arrived yesterday.  Take a look at that cover!  Of course I immediately opened the pages, hoping that by doing so, my surroundings would immediately imitate the cover!

Serena & Lily Summer 2014

I wasn’t transported to a beach, (still surrounded by blanket forts and stray Legos) but I did enjoy the beautiful pages.  As usual, it is full of pops of color and awesome patterns.  They also have a few new products, one of which I thought would be perfect for some summertime entertaining.  And you know I can’t pass up a good bar cart photo!

S&L Cottage Bar Cart


The Cottage Bar Cart is made of bent and woven rattan.  If you’ve visited the Pursuing Vintage Shop lately, you’ve noticed my love of rattan and bentwood.  I love the light feel of the pieces – coastal and earthy with a bit of whimsy.  A rattan piece does not take itself too seriously – it is like a breath of fresh air.  Rattan is extremely versatile, and this cart is no exception.  I think S&L describes it best “Bar cart, magazine perch, mini stage for collected objêts…However (and wherever) you put this double-tiered cart to use, it takes to the task with notable style“.



Do you think you’d have a place for this bar cart?  Or do you prefer the more traditional metal types?