Last week we were in the Chicago area visiting family and friends.  Time always goes much too quickly when we’re there — so many people to catch up with, and I inevitably miss people.  But, I am thankful for the time we had there, and all the fun we had.  Apple picking, children’s museum, local zoo, walking into the village, and running circles around the house were just a few of our activities.

For the second half of our short trip, we were in a little town in the western suburbs of Chicago called Oswego.  We stayed with my mom, in the house where I was married.  After sharing some photos from the wedding on my recent anniversary, I had a few requests to see more of the house.  Since the house is “vintage” (built in 1900) I feel it has a place here at Pursuing Vintage, so I’ll share some photos I took last week.

The Pillars is named such because it has 39 pillars built onto and into the house.  It sits on two acres above The Fox River, and it is located in the quaint downtown of Oswego, a few blocks from antique shops, the local library, a coffee shop, and other small retail shops.  It is a quiet, tree lined street, perfect for a walk with the kids.

Pillars Exterior

The Pillars has a sunroom to the left of the house, and a screened-in porch to the right.  There are upper balconies and a large front porch.

Pillars Front Door

I just love the oversize, original front door.  The antique secretary holds a photo of the house in its early years.

Pillars Entry

The view when you walk in the front door is of the beautiful staircase, marble floors, and Austrian crystal chandelier.

Pillars Living Room

To the right of the entry is the living room, with access to the screened-in porch.  Have you started counting the pillars yet?!

Pillars Screen Porch1

The screened-in porch is a perfect place to host an al fresco dinner.  My mom brought back out the peacock chairs after I wrote about them a few months ago!

Pillars Dining Room

Through the living room is the dining room.  It still has a butler’s bell located in the floorboards!  Just underfoot of the head seat of the table, enough weight on the floor will “ding” a bell for the butler to enter.  Too bad our butler never shows up!  Through the swinging door is the kitchen, recently remodeled (I can’t show you every room because we had two little boys running around, not to mention the toys galore that Grandma spoils them with!).

Pillars Dining Chandelier

This dining room chandelier is the larger sibling of the one in the entryway.

PIllars Dining Fireplace

The fireplaces are gas and very convenient.  My mom has added a beautiful antique mirror and scale on the mantel.

Pillars Mantel

Just a close-up of the mantel.  I love the woodwork and detail in this house.

Pillars Sunroom

The sunroom is a year-round room.  The large windows and view to the garden make this one of my favorite rooms.  I married my husband right outside those doors!  My mom has kept the vintage wicker furniture, which just feels right in this sunny room.

Pillars Staircase

Here is a view up the front staircase with this cute little bench seat.

Pillars Stair Moulding

More beautiful woodwork and the original wood stairs.

Pillars Balcony

At the top of the staircase is a small open library with access to the front balcony.  Past the American flag is a beautiful view of the expansive front yard.

Pillars Doorknob

I love the glass doorknobs on the doors, along with the keyholes, complete with swinging privacy covers!

Pillars Window

All of the windows have the original leaded glass, with beautiful geometric detail.

I have a lot of wonderful memories in this house — most recently watching my boys run around and explore everything that this house and property have to offer.  So, it is sad for me to tell you that it is for sale, as it time for my mom to downsize.  All of her chicks are out of the nest.  If you’re looking for a beautiful home with history and character, amazing detail, and land to explore, you can find out more about The Pillars here, or feel free to contact me directly.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour!