It is here.  2014.  I’m not sure where 2013 has gone.


When I look back at 2013, I am amazed at how far Pursuing Vintage has come.  A year ago, it was just a blurry vision.  I didn’t know how to do it, what it would look like, or what to call it.  In a way, it was “in utero” for a long time – developing and growing.  With my family’s encouragement and my husband’s support, Pursuing Vintage was “born” in July.  Much like a first time mother, I was afraid I would drop it on its head I’ve been learning along the way.  And, I have a lot more to learn to keep it growing and evolving!

Thank you so much for reading and participating.  I love reading the comments and seeing Facebook “likes” – it is a verification that I’m not just doing this for myself – that hopefully I’m reaching others who have similar interests, that I’m striking a chord.

My 2014 goal for Pursuing Vintage is to continue to technically develop the site, and to continue to provide interesting content and ideas that keep you coming back for more!  I’m excited to see what 2014 will mean for Pursuing Vintage – and I hope you’ll join me!

Happy New Year!