Have you seen Ballard Design’s great acrylic line?  I just Love Lucite.  I love that it is so versatile because it is totally see through.  Like, Is there a table there?  Or am I imagining things?

You can use it anywhere, and it is great in small spaces because it doesn’t weigh-down a room.  And, it’s a little edgier than glass.  It has a little more attitude.

I feel like I must have a place for these shelves.  The brass brackets are the perfect accent.  (These Puccini shelves are on sale right now!).

This cute table is a perfect little size.  (And how great is that rug?)

And I love the shape of this one!

Check out Ballard to see their other acrylic pieces.  There’s a great console table there, and some wonderful home organization pieces.

(This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links, and is not sponsored- I just wanted to share these great pieces! All photos via Ballard).

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Has it really been almost two months since I found an awesome Lucite chandelier at an estate sale and debated if it would work in my dining room?  Yes, yes it has.  Darn you, Time!  You come and go so quickly!

Well, here it is!  We did it!  We found an electrician (not an easy feat) and had it installed.  And I LOVE IT!  Thank you to all of you who encouraged me!

Lucite Chandelier in Dining Room

Dining Room with Lucite Chandelier

And here it is illuminated.  (And notice that fabulous Kerry Steele painting in the background?  I LOVE that, too!  Especially with the new chandelier!)

Dining Room Lucite Chandelier Illuminated

Okay, wait for it.  Because I’m me, and can’t let sleeping dogs lie… do you think it’s too low?  We hung it at the same level of our previous chandelier, which was fine.  But I’m debating on this.  The bottom of it hangs 31″ above the table, which my Pinterest search said was correct:

via Lighting World


via Shush in Your Home


And, Nancy from Powell Brower at Home, I referenced your dining room advice, too!  (Full of lot’s of great tips for having the perfect dining room!).

But… I’m still not sure.  Part of me thinks that it could go about two inches higher, but is it worth the trouble?  My husband says it’s perfect where it is.  Hmmm.  (Is that his inner designer speaking?  Or his inner husband-who-wants-this-project-finished speaking?).

What do you think?


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Benton + Clo Custom Lucite Trays


You all know I’m a bit obsessed with Lucite lately.  Today is no exception.  Pursuing Etsy is a series in which I feature an Etsy shop that has caught my eye.  I’m positive Benton + Clo will catch your eye, too.  Take a look at these custom acrylic trays with interchangeable inserts!  That’s right!  Change the insert to complement your evolving decor!  Or change the insert depending on your mood!  LOVE-IT!



Kasey Boone is the woman behind Benton + Clo.  She is located in Richmond, VA, so right away she got Brownie points from me: a Virginia girl and she has the same name as my little sister!  She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her business, even though she is about to give birth to her second child any second!  (Girl! Get some rest while you can!).

Pursuing Vintage: Your trays are beautiful! How did you get started?
Kasey: Thank you! I actually was searching for something for myself, and couldn’t find it – so naturally {I’m do-it-yourself to the core} I decided I should create it. Designing patterns and prints has always been a passion of mine – it’s just until this point I had only been designing paper goods with them. Now I’m having way too much fun exploring the home decor category!

Pursuing Vintage: Does the name Benton + Clo mean something specific?
Kasey: Benton is my first born – he is just about to turn two, and we’re expecting another any day now actually! Her name will be Chloe, but Benton tends to refer to her as “baby”, “coco” or “clo”. I really wanted the line to be something close to my heart, and nothing is closer to my heart than these two.

Pursuing Vintage: The tray inserts are a genius idea – they make the trays so versatile! What inspires your insert designs?
Kasey: There are of course a couple of key fashion designers that I’m in love with {namely Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch…} but ultimately I design the trays based on textiles and colors that I see and love in the every day. For instance, I fell in love with pinstripes when I was decorating our new house, so there they are in my shop. My husband and I met in North Carolina – and the fact that I love ocean-inspired colors led me to incorporate “sea foam” green – so the concept evolved into “sea foam green pinstripes”.

Pursuing Vintage: Do you have a favorite (insert design)?
Kasey: Sea foam green pinstripes with Chloe’s name in gold.

Pursuing Vintage: What is your favorite use for the tray?
Kasey: Right now, it’s become the ultimate “nursery catch” and closet organizer. It’s perfect for the newborn diapers, wipes container, creams, lotions, powders on Chloe’s {future} diaper changing table. And I’ve got about three in my bedroom, one as a clutch organizer in the closet, another one with about ten books that I {sincerely} plan to read this summer on the bookcase, and one on the bathroom counter {where the general rule is, if it doesn’t fit on the tray…it doesn’t belong on the counter} haha.

Pursuing Vintage: You also have a stationary shop Does one inspire the other? Do you see overarching trends?
Kasey: Yes, of course! Sometimes you’ll see a pattern that’s a part of the Benton + Clo collection, as an envelope liner in the Confetti Grey stationery line, or a monogram on Confetti Grey cocktail napkins incorporated into a tray! As far as trends…stripes, stripes, stripes – every girl seems to love the preppy stripes right now!

Don’t you agree that these trays are fabulous?  I know I need one!  Be sure to check out Benton + Clo to see the other great tray designs.  And, Kasey is offering FREE SHIPPING on your order of a large tray until April 5th with the code PURSUINGVINTAGE.  (Thanks Kasey!).

You can find Benton + Clo on Etsy and Facebook!  Please head over and take a look around!