One of my childhood fantasies was that I would open a library.  With all of my personal books.  As in, I would keep every single book I’d ever read, and then all of my books would become a library.  And, that’s why it was a childhood fantasy!

I came to the conclusion many years ago that I couldn’t hold on to every single book I’d purchased or read.  I think I came to that conclusion after moving many, many heavy boxes full of books, and not having any place to really put them.  I’ve since gotten into the habit of visiting the library more, and when I do purchase a book, I try to pass it on to someone or donate it.  Except, of course, beautiful coffee table type books that I can use to style my home!  (My husband is laughing right now because there is one small, itty-bitty shelf in our closet that is piled with my books – books that fall off the shelf when he tries to get dressed for work – but those are an exception!!!)

Still, I’m drawn to books and bookshelves.  Since I can’t open a library (cue sad violin music), let me daydream in the images of some unique and beautiful book spaces.

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What do you do with your books?  Do you keep them and display them?  Hide them away?  Give them away?  I’m curious!