… are almost over here in Virginia.  My sons have one more day of “school” and then summer begins.  Seems like the school year just started!


Baby Boy’s baby curls are now chopped, and Big Boy has gotten even taller.  They change so much in a school year!

To keep some sort of order this summer, I thought I’d try out some good ol’ home schooling.  Yeah.  I know.  Ask me in July how it’s going, and I may say “what home schooling??!”  But, you see, one of my previous careers was a … teacher!  And the age that I most loved teaching was kindergarten!  So, I figure my little preschoolers can’t be that much different.  Hmmm.

Segue into these really cool vintage school chairs I picked up recently (available in the Shop).

Vintage School chairs

If I had room, I’d love to take these chairs and make a space for my kids to unleash all of their creativity, and to inspire great ideas.  A neat place to try out this summer home schooling.  A space with desks and tables and books and easels and paint… We have all that stuff now, but it’s shoved in drawers and we work at the dining room table or in the backyard.  Just as good, I know.  But wouldn’t it be fun to have a room like that?  Here are some spaces that inspire me (featuring – vintage school chairs!):

my ideal home / tumblr


Restoration Hardware via Pinterest


Restoration Hardware via Pinterest


via Burlap and Denim


via Gromatka


via decopeques


via Eclectically Vintage


via Items by Designbird


Do you have a space like this?  If you do, what does it look like, and most importantly, do your kids use it?  Do any of the photos inspire you?  I think my favorite space is the second to last – with the little round table and vintage map.

Now, I’m off to write some lesson plans!