I have something embarrassing to share with you.  I’m not sure you’ll respect me after I make this confession.  Maybe you just want to stop reading now – skip this post and tune in tomorrow.

Here goes.

My favorite Christmas album of all time (and I mean ALL time) is:

That’s right.  Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ Once Upon a Christmas, circa 1984.  The music was from their TV holiday special, A Christmas to Remember.

I know – you’re laughing, you’re about ready to write off Pursuing Vintage forever.

But give it a chance!  There are some beautiful songs, like Christmas without You (skip to about one and half minutes into the video to avoid awkward acting and storyline).  And The Greatest Gift of All is a personal favorite.  Plus, there are fun songs like I Believe in Santa Clause.

Have I convinced you yet?  That’s okay… I haven’t managed to convince my husband yet, either.  And this is our tenth Christmas together!

I’m sure my adoration of this album has to do with childhood memories – I’m not sure what would have prompted my mom to purchase this album back in the day, but she did, and it became a Christmas staple.  Aside from the nostalgic memories, I will stand by the music!  I think there are some great songs, and really, can you beat the duo of Dolly and Kenny?!

This album is vintage now, but I hope my boys feel the same way about it when they’re my age!  (Because they will grow up listening to it, whether they like it or not!!!).