I just “finished” redecorating my living room/dining room area (are we ever really finished?!?!?).  We have an open floor plan, so the rooms flow into each other, and if one area was going to be fixed, they both needed to be fixed.  I chose navy/indigo as my “color”.  I felt like that was a color I wouldn’t hate in five years.  (Check with me in five years and we’ll see if that holds true!).  I picked up curtains and a rug from West Elm that had those blues happening.  I have several blue & white porcelain pieces to accent the fireplace mantel.  The paintings on the walls have blue in them.  It’s not overwhelmingly blue.  But there is blue.

Living Room

So I had mixed emotions when the newest Pottery Barn catalog arrived in the mail.

My first instinct was “Great! I’m ahead of the Pottery Barn curve!  I must have good taste if I decorated in indigo before they decided to put it all over their cover!”.  My second instinct was “Oh crap.  Now everyone and their mother will be decorating in indigo.”.

Not that blue hasn’t always been popular – I mean, that is one reason I chose it, because it’s classic.  It’s versatile.  And with the popularity of blue & white porcelain, we’re seeing a lot more of it recently.  But there is that part of me that thrives on not doing the expected.

So, since I really can’t ask PB to alter their whole winter line just for me, I’m going to embrace it.  I’m going to view it as “oh good, now it will be easier to find indigo throws and pillows since PB will be stocked floor to ceiling in it”.  (I honestly had to search all over for indigo pillows for my sofa a few months ago).  And, I’m in the process of planning a change in the master bedroom, and I’m heavily leaning toward a blue paisley duvet that is part of their new line.  So, I’ll go with it.  I’ll embrace the indigo influx!

Here’s a peak of some of their offerings:

Pottery Barn

This is the duvet that I’m in love with right now.  I’m crushing on paisley!

Pottery Barn

I think this rug is very pretty – and I like the solid blue chair.

Pottery Barn

I’ll try not freak out that these accent pillows are eerily similar to my recovered dining chairs (see below).


Pottery Barn

I’m not a fan of any of the lighting, but I do love that wall color.

What do you think about indigo?  Do you already have it in your home?  Or will you be adding it?