One of the things my mom and I enjoy doing together is visiting historic sites.  We love to tour grand old homes, and learn about the history of the house and inhabitants.

This weekend we took a little day trip to Annapolis.

Annapolis via Destination360


If you’re ever near, you must go.  It is a beautiful and quaint town.  The Historic District is full of retail shops and restaurants.  You can stumble into an array of antique shops, and wander through streets packed with row houses, and walk right up to the State Capitol.

Annapolis was home to several of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and many of their homes are available to tour.  We chose to tour The William Paca House & Garden, built in 1763.

via Wikipedia

I didn’t bring my camera on our trip, so the photos I’m sharing were found online (the Paca House doesn’t allow indoor photography, anyway).  I did snap a few on my phone, and if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a few garden photos.

We started our tour in the garden of the home, which is a serene escape from modern life.  It is incredible to think that, until the late 1960’s, the gardens were covered by an entire hotel that had been built on the premise (the original home was the entrance to the hotel).  This is truly an example of wonderful historic preservation, as The Historic Annapolis Foundation acquired the properties, and returned the home and gardens to their original state.

Paca garden


Paca Garden via


Paca garden via American Garden History


As I stated, indoor photography was not allowed.  The only photos I could find of the interior are provided by Reel Scout, so they’re a little wonky.  But these will give you an idea of the beauty of the home.

Parlor via Reel Scout

The blue in this parlor is amazing!  (I’m not sure I would choose the red upholstery, but different era, right?!).

Staircase via Reel Scout

You can see the upper level railing is a Chippendale design, while the balusters going up the staircase are a turned wood.  I learned that the two styles were used because the Chippendale style was less expensive, and the home owners wanted to show their money where it counted – where more people would see  (the turned wood balusters).

Kitchen via Reel Scout

I don’t think this kitchen would make any of us envious, but evidently, “back in the day” this kitchen had the newest gadgets!

I wish I could show you more of the interior.  But hopefully I’ve enticed you enough to visit if you’re in the area!



My friend Kathy has great taste, and she loves talking decor.  We have similar “design methods” which include sending texts to each other showcasing the newest purchase and asking for input.  I know I can rely on her to not think I’m crazy when I can’t make up my mind about something (all the time).

I am so impressed by Kathy’s innate talent of mixing vintage and contemporary design elements.  Her style complements her 1924 home.  I just have to share some photos of her home with you.  I’ve mingled my own narrative with a little interview using Kathy’s own words.


Here is Kathy’s living room as seen from her front entryway.  Notice the barrister bookcase and antique wall clock.  The dark wood “pops” against her light, neutral wall color.  I just love Kathy’s choice of ceiling light fixture.  The pleated shade is dressy but not too flashy.  The framed art above the sofa is actually 40 year old wall calendar pages that Kathy’s mom had framed years ago.  Kathy explained “I didn’t like them at all until one day, about six years ago, I looked at them and thought, I really like these and they’d look good in my house.  I literally took them off the living room wall at my mom’s house and brought them straight to my living room wall.”

Entry Living Room  I Pursuing Vintage

The natural fiber chair is a great balance to the vintage pieces she has placed in the room.

Living Room Woven Chair  I  Pursuing Vintage

This pink antique chair was once owned by a good family friend.  Kathy explains, “my next door neighbor growing up, Mrs. Lee, was like a member of our family.  She died shortly before I got married and bought the house.  Her daughter gave me the chair, which was in perfect condition when I got it because Mrs. Lee kept it in plastic.  We love that chair and, obviously, don’t keep it covered in plastic!”  After I took these photos, Kathy had the chair recovered in a similar coral/pink fabric (I can’t wait to see how it turned out!).

She found the prints above the chair at the Etsy shop Parima Creative Studio.   The vintage buffet was her grandmother’s from the 1940’s.

Antique buffet and chair with on trend art  I  Pursuing Vintage

I think this is my favorite room in Kathy’s home, her kitchen/dining area.  I absolutely love how she is using vintage and antique pieces, and has refreshed them without resorting to painting them.  Their beautiful wood is showcased, and all of the little details she has added really update everything.   For example, Kathy took her parents dining set from the early 1970’s, and recovered the chairs in a fun, bright fabric.

Vintage Dining Room Set with updated details   I   Pursuing Vintage

Kathy’s antique hutch belonged to her great-grandparents.  “Before I got married I used it in my bedroom as a wardrobe, stored my sweaters in it.  I thought I was so cool and creative!”  Now she uses it to display some of her china pieces, and has kept the look current with a bright yellow vase from One Kings Lane.

Antique Hutch with Modern Vase

This buffet was part of Kathy’s parents’ dining set, and the vintage white lamp received a total DIY transformation, which I’ll detail in an upcoming post.

Vintage Server and Retro DIY Lamp  I  Pursuing Vintage

Here’s a better look at the fun way Kathy updated the dining chairs.  And those adorable silhouettes of her daughters were crafted by a family friend, and then mounted on colored paper.

Silhouettes in the dining room  I  Pursuing Vintage


Kathy’s home is so warm and inviting, and pleasing to the eye.  She has so many details, and they all tie in so nicely together.  I’m sure I didn’t do it all justice in my photos, but hopefully this will give you a taste of it.  Her home is an inspiration for anyone wanting to mix vintage with today’s trends.  Leave a comment and let her know your favorite design element in her home!