I have a stunning piece to share with you today.

Lucite Glass Coffee Table Vintage 1

This baby is thick.  Thick glass (3/4″) and thick lucite bases (1.5″).  The glass top measures 66″ long and 28 1/4″ wide.  The bases are 15 5/8″ tall.  Let’s look at it some more!  I love it!

Lucite Base Glass Coffee Table Vintage

Lucite Glass Coffee Table Vintage

Lucite Coffee Table Bases

The glass has normal surface wear for its age.  Overall it is in great condition.  The lucite bases do have a few chips in them.  There are a total of four bases, and three of the bases have a small chip (nothing that takes away from the “wow” of this table).

One of the cool features of this table is that the base is comprised of four separate pieces that can be configured any way you choose.  Each base is a “V” with one longer side (kind of like half of a “W”!).

This table is substantial, and really is beautiful.  I’ve staged it in my own living room, and even my husband said “Wow! That looks great!”  (Ha ha… I have him paying attention to coffee tables now!  Does that mean I have to start paying attention to football??!).

Shall we look at some other lucite and glass coffee tables?


The square shape of this one is neat – and lovely paired with the natural fiber rug.


This one is glammed-up with the brass accents.

via Courtney Price

So pretty with the neutrals.

via millieandcorina


Fun geometry on these two – similar to my find.

via La Dolce Vita

Interesting way to store your “poufs”.

One Kings Lane

Terrific shape.

via cmullinsinteriors

I love how this table is mixed with the furniture – some very traditional pieces and then an unexpected table!

I think the lesson here is that lucite and glass can go with any decor!  I personally love a clear coffee table.  My glass waterfall table is perfect in my space – it really opens up a room.  And, I love how you can see a rug under the table.

Lucite Base Glass Coffee Table Vintage

This beauty is available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop.  Close up photos and more detail available upon request.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I hope its relaxing and productive at the same time – that’s what I’m personally hoping for!




My living room has undergone a huge transformation in the last year.  One of the final furniture pieces I have been looking for is a coffee table.  My dream table is a lucite or glass waterfall table.

Well, guess what?  Dreams do come true!

The wonderfully thoughtful Kerry Steele gave me a heads up that she had come across a glass waterfall coffee table when she found her awesome end tables.  I believe my words were something like this: OMG!!! I WANT THAT!!! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE FOR-EVER!!!!  (I use the caps to demonstrate the insane urgency I felt at getting my hands on that table!)  Kerry went out of her way for me, and made sure I got that table.  Thank you Kerry!

The table is perfect.  I love it.  I love the thick glass.  It helps to open up my room.  It is so much better than the leather ottomans I had there (although my boys miss the ottomans because they were terrific pieces to bounce off of and onto the couch).  The room has ceased to be used for their gymnastics – I’m working on reclaiming it!  The room is coming together!

But you know how when you get something new, it makes you realize you need MORE new things?  Yeah.

Living room

Now I’m feeling like I need a different rug, or at least to try the layered rug look.  My couch is too similar in color to the rug.  I think I’d like more pillows on the couch.  And I still need to “figure out” that corner between the fireplace and couch.  Not big enough for a chair.  And I don’t want to line up another piece of furniture on that wall.  Hmmm.

What I really need to do now is style my coffee table!  I need fun, pretty things!

Here are some items that I’m loving:

Wooden Tray — The Pink Pagoda


Iris Lacquer Tray — Clayton Gray Home


Lacquer Trays by iomoi


West Elm


Small Antique Brass Web Sphere – the Zhush


Chevron Round Covered Boxes – The Zhush


Figural Shell – Target


Gold Leaf Tray – Nate Berkus


Cubed Sculpture – West Elm


There are so many other fun little pretty things out there — maybe I’ll dedicate an entire post one day to that.

In the meantime, here is something I aspire to:

Styled coffee table — the zhush


But, for right now, until my little guy begins to listen to the word “no”, this is probably what my reality is!

Living room table





I’m really drawn to The Pace Collection glass tables with gold/brass accents.  They really are simple, but elegant.  Glamorous.  Not overstated.

This Pace Collection dining table is no different.

Pace Rectangle Dining Table

Pace Rectangle Table Base

The table is 78″L x 40″W.  It has 3/4″ beveled edge glass, with rounded corners.  The table is 28″H.  It is in overall very good condition, with some expected minor wear to the gold/brass detail.

This table would be a show stopper in any home.  Glass tables in general can open up small spaces.  They can add sophistication and a little bit of modernity, but in a classic way (does that make sense?!).

Here is some inspiration for designing with a glass dining table:

twine interiors

I love the bench with the table and (WOW!) those chairs!

Cuckoo 4 Design

The natural fiber chairs paired with this glass table really works for me.  It tones down a table that could go super-glam.


This room has “edge” with the black and white details and translucent chairs.


The mixture of materials in this room makes it interesting.  Wood, different metals, the rug, and brick wall.  It works!


glitter and pearls

I love the bold rug under this table – what better way to really appreciate the floor decor than a see-through table!

Pinterest search

A little Chinoiserie?

Other than in a dining room, this table could be used as a conference table.  I just want to say, what a perfect way to make sure nobody is texting under the table!



How would you design around this table?  I think for my house the natural fiber chairs would work best.  But I think I’d also put a bold rug under it.  What do you think works for your home?

If you want to bring this table home, details are in the Pursuing Vintage Shop.