I’m so excited to share a little home update with you! I picked up this wonderful Thomasville faux bamboo server for a steal off of Craigslist about two years ago. We use it as a console table.  It holds the “key box” to stash the car keys, and our stereo that we can’t give up because we still like a good ol’ CD once and awhile, and the Bose Soundlink.  There is a lot going on there.

Thomasville Server / Pursuing Vintage

It had already gone through one re-paint with its previous owner – a light brown/tan color.  Nice and neutral.  But faux bamboo doesn’t really scream for neutral.  It doesn’t deserve neutral.  It longs for color!

And color is what it got!

Faux Bamboo Thomasville Server / Pursuing Vintage

I wanted a coral color to accent the beautiful rose medallion lamp (as well as other coral accents I have around the room). I used Clark & Kensington Warm Coral paint.

Clark & Kensington Paint / Pursuing Vintage

I replaced the “key box” with this adorable hobnail bowl that I got in a previous Vintage Swap from Shelly (ConfettiStyle).  I also replaced the old drawer pulls with these amazing acrylic & brass pulls that I found on Etsy.

lucite & brass drawer pulls / Pursuing Vintage

I think the piece gives a great “pop” of color to the room and has become more of a statement than it was before.  The faux bamboo is happy.

Thomasville faux bamboo server makeover / Pursuing Vintage

(By the way – there is usually a mirror above the server, but I’ve swapped the mirror temporarily with the painting for my fall mantel.  Check it out if you missed it!)



So, I have this chair…  It’s my desk chair.  I sit in it all the time.  I write Pursuing Vintage while sitting in the chair.  I check emails.  I pay bills.  It is “the chair”.

I bought this chair a long time ago.  I found it in a thrift shop, and just loved the look of it. For a long time it sat in the corner of my bedroom as a landing spot for random clothes and purses.  When I started redoing the first floor of our home, I looked at that chair and thought it would look great as my desk chair.  And, it is faux bamboo, which I love!  And barrel chairs are really comfortable – have you ever sat in one??

Now, this was years ago, so you have to laugh along with me and not judge too harshly.  I made a new cushion for the chair.  With my minimal sewing skills.  I cut out a piece of foam the right shape, and made a little paper pattern and cut out the fabric for the cover.  I even sewed in my first zipper!

… and then I realized that I put the zipper on the wrong side of the cushion.  Of course I had meant to put the zipper on the back part of the cushion. Instead, it ended up in front.  (Clearly I wasn’t paying attention to which way the cushion would sit in the chair).

This is what my little chair looks like today.

Faux Bamboo Caned Barrel Chair Before

How embarrassing is this??!  Can you see the fabric falling off the bottom of the chair?  And the zipper ripping off the *front* of the cushion?  And the fabric fraying?  I could go on.  But you can see it all here.

So, I’m searching for inspiration for this poor little chair.  Let’s start here:


(via I Suwannee) — I absolutely love the contrast of the bright pink with the black and white chevron.  These chairs are statement pieces!


(via Pinterest) I feel like I couldn’t go wrong with painting the chair black.  And this Chinoiserie fabric is so pretty, especially with the trim.


(via Circa Who) I could keep the wood of the chair natural and just do a funky fabric, like these.


(via Circa Who) The metallic silver is fun – and I like the edginess of the houndstooth print.


(via Circa Who) The blue color is so fun and bold!



(via One Kings Lane) I think this is my favorite – metallic gold.  I think fabric choice will be key, and I like how this fabric complements the chair color and doesn’t overpower it.

What are your ideas for this chair?  It really needs help!  Let’s give it a makeover!


Remember this?

Chinese Chippendale Chair

I picked up this Chinese Chippendale chair awhile back.  I painted it.  I decided on fabric.  And now it’s complete!

Chippendale Chair w: Cushion

A dear family friend, Teresa of Windows Etc., Inc., is incredibly talented with all things fabric.  I brought her the old cushion on my last visit to the Chicago-land area.  Teresa worked her magic, created this beautiful cushion, and then my mom brought it back out here to DC, packed among all the toys she brought for her grandsons.

Doesn’t it look terrific?!

I’m just loving it!  Thanks for all the advice along the way in regards to chair color, fabric choice, and painting tips.  And thanks to Teresa for transforming the ugly old cushion into this little gorgeous monkey-love cushion!

Chinese Chippendale Chair Monkey Cushion

I’m feeling like I’m really on a roll lately – finishing the mudroom makeover and this chair.  What’s next??!  Oh wait, ha!  The holidays!  Guess that’ll keep me busy!

Are you feeling good about finishing any big (or small) projects lately?