Can you believe Easter is right around the corner?!  My kids wake up every morning asking if the Easter Bunny was here… Ummm… no, not yet!  It’s going to be a long week and a half!

I want to share some fun Easter-inspired vintage finds with you!

Vintage Blue Cloissone Rabbit from Pursuing Vintage

This blue rabbit is so sweet and who doesn’t love blue with gold?!


Alabaster Eggs by Pursuing Vintage

I’m loving these alabaster eggs with their vintage stands.


Vintage Wire Egg Basket by Pursuing Vintage

This wire egg basket just screams put a plant in me!!!  Of course, it would be a great Easter egg basket!


Vintage Pysanka Eggs by Pursuing Vintage

These vintage Ukrainian pysanka (or pysanky) are colorful and whimsical.


None of these are necessarily things you can “only use at Easter”.  They would work great integrated into decor any time of the season.  But, if you order ASAP, you can receive them in time for the Easter holiday!  They are all available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop.



I just wanted to take a break from all of the beautiful Easter blog posts, and give you a giggle.  Because who knew that vintage Easter cards and Lady Gaga’s fashion had so much in common?!

Nothing says Happy Easter like a naked woman emerging from a giant egg!

via Bytes

Perhaps that was Lady Gaga’s inspiration?

via Daily Mail

Oh – and then there’s this… just some rabbits wearing eggs…

via Bytes

And this… just Gaga wearing an egg and fishnets (personally I like the addition of the fishnets. The rabbits could take a cue from Gaga here)…

via arent we fancy


So there you go.  An odd connection between vintage Easter cards and a pop diva.

On that note!  Have a very Happy Easter and wonderful weekend!