The Ultimate Home & Garden Tour! A bucket list of fantastic properties!

I’ve been keeping warm in all of this cold weather by adding some great finds to the Pursuing Vintage Shop! I’ve also given the Shop a little makeover – so please check it out!

Here are some of the new fun decor items you can find there:

Red Decorative Glass Piece Slag Decorative Large Aquamarine Glass Piece

Decorative Glass Piece Aquamarine Decorative Blue Purple Glass Piece

These pieces of decorative glass are beautiful to look at!  They catch the light and shine!  They really add color and a natural beauty to any styled area.

Famille Rose Verte Plate

This pretty famille rose medallion plate has so much vibrant color!  I just love the pinks and greens (so Lilly!).

Pottery Small Sculpture Bust of Woman

This pretty little terracotta pottery bust of a woman is classically beautiful.  She’s a petite little thing, and fits anywhere!

Capiz Shell Decor Tray

A capiz shell tray makes a great statement, and is perfect for holding a small vase of flowers or … a brass duck!  (And if you like brass ducks, there is one available in the Shop!).

Golden Apple Lighter

Although an apple a day will keep the doctor away, smoking will not.  So, just use the cute golden apple table lighter as a shiny conversation piece!

Geode Bookends Brown Geode Bookends Black Red

These sets of quartz geode bookends are natural beauties.

Blue & White Planter Mountain Tree Scene

I just love the blues in this blue and white planter.  The way they run and flow into each other makes this a stunning piece.

There are a few other new finds in the Shop.  Be sure to stop by!

By the way – did you know Pursuing Vintage is on Etsy?  You can purchase something by emailing me ( or shop through Etsy.


Pursuing Vintage Shop Collage

Here’s a round-up of a few of my favorites from the Pursuing Vintage Shop.  (And if you like what you see here, be sure to check out the rest of the shop!)

Clockwise from top left: Blue & White Teapot, Portrait of Woman on BedEllo Server, Chrome Cantilever Chairs, Blue & White Cats, Vintage Loveseat, Red Haired Woman Portrait, Coral Filled Lamp.

All of these great finds are available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop!