If you’ve been over to Delight & Decorum, you know that Lauren shares amazing recipes (and many other amazing lifestyle tips!).  I’m thrilled to have Lauren here today, sharing some delicious vintage-inspired cocktails just in time for the holidays!


It’s the holiday season, which means it’s the perfect time of year to host a fabulous fête. This year, try skipping the holiday punch bowl and offer some vintage-inspired mixed drinks instead. These classic cocktails will elevate your event and totally impress your guests!

Gin Alexander

Gin Alexander / Image Source:

Gin Alexander: Popular during the Prohibition Era, this creamy drink helped to disguise the taste of ‘bathtub gin’. I think this one is particularly delicious with Bombay Sapphire.

Directions: Mix 2 oz. Gin with 1 oz. White Crème de Cacao and ½ oz. Heavy Cream. Pour the drink into a martini glass or coupe glass rimmed with lemon sugar and top with a sprinkle of nutmeg.


French 75

French 75 / Image source

French 75: You can’t go wrong with something sparkly! This combination of Gin and Champagne is said have been enjoyed by Charles Dickens, the famed author of A Christmas Carol, and was widely popular in the early 1900s.

Directions: Mix 2 oz Gin with 1 tsp Sugar, ½ oz. Lemon Juice, and 5 oz. Champagne. Serve it in a champagne flute with a twist of lemon.


Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned / Image source

Old Fashioned: This drink seems to be trendy again, but it is absolutely delicious and a nice change of pace for those guests who may prefer Bourbon to Gin.  Created in the late 1800s, this recipe was created to celebrate one of the great whiskey proprietors of the time.

Directions: Mix 2 ½ oz. Bourbon with 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters and ½ oz Simple Syrup. Garnish with a twist of orange and a couple of fresh cranberries (or even a splash of cranberry juice!) for a holiday twist.  (p.s. Don’t let simple syrup scare you away- it’s easy to make! Click here.)


Vesper Image

Vesper / Image source

Vesper: You might recognize this drink from the spy flick, ‘Casino Royale.’ Ian Fleming, author of James Bond, created this posh cocktail in 1953. If it’s good enough for 007, it’s good enough for your fanciest friends!

Directions: Mix 3 oz. Gin, 1 oz Vodka, and ½ oz. Lillet in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon peel.


Kristen, thanks for allowing me to be your Pursuing Vintage guest. Come visit me over at Delight & Decorum sometime soon. Cheers!


Lauren, thanks so much for these recipes!  I can’t wait to try them out!  Happy holidays to you and yours!