Did you know that airplane wings use concept of cantilever?  I found out that cantilever is a term for a beam that is supported only at one end, and carries a load on the other end.  While airplanes are fascinating, these chairs are more my speed:

Tubular Chrome Cantilever Chairs

These chairs are straight out of the 1970’s – having had only one owner.  The chrome is beautiful.  No pitting or oxidation.  The upholstery needs a face lift.  One chair has the original brown suede upholstery.  It has seen spills and wear through the years.  The other chair has been recovered in a brown velvet-y fabric.  It also has seen better days.  Recovered, these would look so terrific.  Check out the lines!  I just love the graceful curve of the arms into the base.

Tubular Chrome Cantilever Chair

Here are some other chrome cantilever chairs for inspiration:

One Kings Lane

I absolutely love the fun fabric on this chair!

Simple Details –  Pottery Barn

I like the contrast of the chrome with the chunky, natural wood table. (But don’t get me started on how I feel about Pottery Barn hopping on the vintage chrome chair wagon!)


The bucket shape of these chairs is inviting.  Paired with a Saarinen table, you have a very modern look.


You can always keep the upholstery “retro”.

Elle Decor

Cantilever chairs always make great desk chairs!

Casa Cullen

This is a fun & eclectic living room!  I love the mix of the chrome chairs with the turned leg ottoman.

How do you envision these chairs?  If you envision them in your home, they’re available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop!





When pursuing vintage, there always comes the time when the hunt is over and the clean up begins.  Sure, I find vintage items that are in great shape and are ready to go.  But, more often, I’ll find a piece that has thirty years worth of dust on it, and in need of having its dignity returned.  It’s usually not the most fun part.  It’s the part that requires some elbow grease.  Some patience.  But it can be exciting to see what is underneath the dirt and grime.  It gives me a sort of satisfaction to see something that someone else might have put to the curb – destined for the landfill, come back to life.

And sometimes I come across situations that I just don’t have the best answer for.  Lately that has been chrome.  How to clean it?  How to get rid of some of the oxidation and return it to shine?  How, how, how??!

Luckily, I have a terrific sister-in-law.  I wish she would clone herself into a miniature that I could carry around on my shoulder and ask her opinion on these things… because that’s pretty much what I do when I bombard her with emails “what do you think of this?” and “what about this?” and “who do you think made this?“.  She has a great eye, and is no stranger to pursuing her own vintage.  Of course she had the answer for me!  A baking soda paste.


Make a thick paste out of the baking soda and warm water.


Brush it on the chrome.  Let it dry (5-10 minutes).  And using a soft dry rag, rub it off.  This is the “elbow grease” part.  The baking soda paste acts as a soft scrub for the chrome.  It really was amazing to see the difference it made.  Small areas of oxidation were pretty much removed with this technique.

Here’s a Before & After:



Wow, right??!

And the best part is, the kids can play, too!  I gave the boys their own baking soda mixture and they “painted” their car.


So, you’re wondering, what amazing find did Kristen polish up?  Well… you’ll have to tune in tomorrow!



Pieff Eleganza Chairs

I was not familiar with Pieff Furniture before grabbing these chairs.  I saw the lines and the leather & chrome and new they were fantastic, but had no idea who they were until I did a little research.

Pieff Eleganza Dining Chair

Pieff Furniture is a British company.  Their website claims: “Pieff was the must have name in high-end British furniture during the 1960’s and 70’s. It described itself at the time as “Luxury furniture of the late 20th Century, characterised by its original design, flowing lines and usual blending of striking materials. Now used loosely to describe any design which is ahead of its time”.  The furniture was sold through Harrods and other high end European stores.  There are just not many Pieff pieces that seem to have “crossed the pond”.

Their signature piece is the Eleganza Chair.  The leather was/is available in many colors – red, caramel, dark brown.  Pieff describes the Eleganza collection as “A collection of peace loving chairs and one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever own.”  Yes, they are comfortable!  Which would explain why the four that I have are well-loved.  The leather is very broken-in.  There is some oxidation to the chrome.  I think a little elbow grease could really help these chairs look amazing again.  And because they need a little attention, I have not priced them as extravagantly as 1stdibs.

Did you see the Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows?  I fell asleep through it.  But, they do use an Eleganza – can you see it?!

Dark Shadows

The Eleganza is made in a high back version as well (like the one in Dark Shadows).

Google search

Pieff also made this beautiful rosewood and chrome table.

I like the idea of these chairs around a circular table.

Where would you put them?

If you’re interested in purchasing them, pricing information is located in the Pursuing Vintage SHOP.  I’m happy to provide close-up photos for more detail.