This is second in the”Interior Moments” series.  A small change and a major decision regarding some new art.  I need help!

First, Baby Boy and I took a trip to Home Depot and overpaid for some really cute tiny plants.  Baby Boy picked out his own tiny plants, and I knew just the planter to put them in.

Coffee Table with Small Plants / Pursuing Vintage

Mommys Little Helper

He put all the dirt in the different pots and helped do the planting.  Such a helper!

We also got rid of the dyeing plant from my bar cart and chose a “supposedly-hard-to-kill” Peace Lily.

Brass & Glass Bar Cart / Pursuing Vintage

Now, for the exciting part.  I purchased a new piece of art this week (a vintage oil on canvas) and I don’t know where to put it!

First, here is the piece of art that I’m replacing.  It’s actually on long-term loan from my sister-in-law, and though I love it, it doesn’t belong to me and should be returned.  I’ve been on the look-out for a replacement, but finding a large, original canvas at an affordable price is tricky.

So happy with the color on my vintage faux bamboo server. Now if I could just figure out how to cover up that annoying vent. Ugh!

Now, here is the new piece.  I just LOVED it when I saw it, and the price was perfect.  But when I brought it home, my older son said it best: “Mom, it doesn’t have any detail”.

Truth be told, that’s why I liked it.  I thought it wouldn’t compete with anything else in the room.

Landscape Painting & Console : Pursuing Vintage

I just am NOT loving it over the console.  First, I hate the stupid thermostat boxes, and the air vent.  If I could move those and center the piece, it might be better.

So, of course, I had to move the painting around my house and see if there was another place I could put it.  (Ignore the nail – I couldn’t get it on the hook by myself!).

Landscape Painting & Mantel : Pursuing Vintage

And then, here’s the last option: in the master bedroom – which is in the “scheming” phase of a major makeover.  Doesn’t everyone have paint chips taped to their walls for indefinite lengths of time?!

Bedroom w: Landscape : Pursuing Vintage

Here’s one last shot of the painting above the mantel.  I was thinking that it would be great because it wouldn’t compete with my favorite Kerry Steele painting that hangs above the campaign chest in the dining room.  But – the more I look at it, the more I think the mirror on the mantel is best.

Living Room with Landscape Painting : Pursuing Vintage

Living Room Mantel : Pursuing Vintage

What do you think?  I’d love your advice!  I’m struggling here!

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Tonight Sotheby’s will begin auctioning off the estate of Mrs. Paul Mellon, known by most as Bunny Mellon.  The woman responsible for redesigning the White House Rose Garden, a close friend of Jackie Kennedy, a woman of great taste, Bunny Mellon’s estate is sure to be magnificent.

via Newsweek

The auction will take place in three stages over three different dates: “Masterworks” (her amazing art collection), “Jewels and Objects of Vertu”, and “Interiors”.

This week I’ll be showing you a sample of my favorite items from each of the three auctions.

First, a quick history lesson.

Rachel “Bunny” Mellon was an heiress to the “Listerine” fortune.  Her second husband was Paul Mellon, a philanthropist and horse breeder.  Bunny Mellon was asked by JFK to redesign the Rose Garden, which remains much the same today.  She went on to design several gardens and landscapes, including the JFK Presidential Library and designer Givenchy’s private residence.   Bunny Mellon also helped Jackie Kennedy with the White House restoration, advising on antiques and fine arts.

Together the Mellon’s were significant collectors of art, and they donated many pieces to the National Gallery of Art.  Bunny Mellon is perhaps most famous, in terms of her art collection, for her many pieces by Mark Rothko.

via NYP


Sotheby’s auction contains 43 lots of Mellon’s art collection.  Below are a few of my favorites.

Bunny Mellon's "Masterworks"
Be sure to take a look at the pieces up for auction at Sotheby’s.  Perhaps you’ll find a piece to bid on?  The Rothko above is only estimated at $20,000,00-30,000,000…
Check back with me tomorrow to see my favorite pieces from Bunny Mellon’s Jewels collection!  You don’t want to miss it!

Linda at Calling it Home hosts a biannual One Room Challenge in which people share their progress over six weeks while redoing a room.  Back in October/November I participated in her link-up party and chose to makeover my mudroom (see the before and after here).  Today we are all sharing what our rooms look like today.

Pursuing Vintage Mudroom Makeover Update Full View

It’s only been a few months, and I had considered the room “finished” at the end of the six weeks, so there haven’t been too many changes.  As the weather has turned horrible wintery, we’ve added winter coats and boots.

Pursuing Vintage Mud Room Makeover Update Art Wall

The kids’ art wall has been fairly successful, however you’ll see that I’ve gotten a little lazy and have been “layering” the art pieces.  My kids are bringing home an average of four new masterpieces a week, and it was getting a little tiring moving them all around.  That, and my kids freak when I take something down.  They don’t seem to care that the new work goes up, they just get sad that the old work is coming down.  So, unless I wait until the wee hours of the night when they’re asleep, it’s been easier to just put the new masterpiece on top of the old.  (Isn’t that what great artists used to do?  Paint new works over old canvasses?!).

The biggest change was a recent one.  I’m always moving art around as I acquire new pieces.  And I am SO pleased with this move!

Pursuing Vintage Mudroom Makeover Update Kerry Steele Art

I moved my very first Kerry Steele painting into the mudroom.  I feel as though it is complemented by the wall color and the crystal chandelier.

Pursuing Vintage Mudroom Makeover Update Kerry Steele Art and Window

Pursuing Vintage Mudroom Makeover Kerry Steele Art

Isn’t it just fabulous??!  You must check out other work by Kerry and her design blog Design du Monde.

Pursuing Vintage Mudroom Makeover Update Kerry Steele Art

So, that’s about it.  No huge changes.  Just one gorgeous one!

Please be sure to take a look at the other room updates at Calling it Home.  There are a lot of creative ideas over there!