Have you seen Ballard Design’s great acrylic line?  I just Love Lucite.  I love that it is so versatile because it is totally see through.  Like, Is there a table there?  Or am I imagining things?

You can use it anywhere, and it is great in small spaces because it doesn’t weigh-down a room.  And, it’s a little edgier than glass.  It has a little more attitude.

I feel like I must have a place for these shelves.  The brass brackets are the perfect accent.  (These Puccini shelves are on sale right now!).

This cute table is a perfect little size.  (And how great is that rug?)

And I love the shape of this one!

Check out Ballard to see their other acrylic pieces.  There’s a great console table there, and some wonderful home organization pieces.

(This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links, and is not sponsored- I just wanted to share these great pieces! All photos via Ballard).

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The March issue of Coastal Living is full of colorful fabulousness.

coastal living march 2016

Within the issue, they highlight ways to give your home a boost of color with vintage “treasures”.  I was surprised to see #4: Ceramic Parrots.

Coastal Living March 2016 / Ceramic Parrots / Pursuing Vintage

Let me start by saying: I hate birds.  Real birds (sorry all you bird lovers!).  But they freak me out.  Especially when they are flying around above my head (hello city pigeons!).  However, porcelain or ceramic bird statues I like.  I’ve always found them charming, and have picked up several ceramic birds over the last couple of years.

This pair was just stunning, and they lived on my mantel until they sold so that I could enjoy them for as long as possible!

porcelain cockatiel pair / Pursuing Vintage

This guy just sold last week!  The buyer must be up on the trend!

Porcelain Cockatoo Parrot / Pursuing Vintage

And this little guy, though not a tropical bird, is equally cute and colorful.  (He’s available now!)

Petite Blue Finch Figurine / Pursuing Vintage

And if you’re not a figurine collector, there are other ways to incorporate birds into your decor!

Tropical bird lamp base

Large parrot colorful art

Tropical Parrot Wallpaper

I’m not sure birds work in every decor scenario, but they are fun to look at when used in the right place.

(Okay, now please tell me I’m not the only one out there who is freaked out by live birds!).

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