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Happy May everyone!  I’m so excited to share a fun furniture makeover project with you all today.  And best of all, you get to hop on over to other blogs to check out their fun makeovers through the MakeOver Madness Blog Hop!


I had the opportunity to work on a small furniture makeover project using Velvet Finishes Paint by Kellie Smith of Design Asylum Blog.   I thought it would be fun to bother my friend, Kathy, and give her desk chair a little attention.

Velvet Finishes Chair 1 : Pursuing Vintage Velvet Finishes Chair 2 : Pursuing Vintage

Kathy and I were excited with the amazingly bright selection of paint colors offered by Velvet Finishes.


We choose “Ethereal” for the project.

Velvet Finishes 4 : Pursuing Vintage

Let me tell you that Velvet Finishes is terrific because it is so easy-peasy.  There is no priming, no wax at the end like chalk paint, and the paint goes on very smooth.  There is a very simple first step that involves spraying the chair with the “Ready” product – I just sprayed the chair, let it sit for a minute, and wiped it off.  (It was so easy, I was wondering if I did it wrong!  But NO – it really is that easy!)

Velvet Finishes 3 : Pursuing Vintage

Next, just shake the paint well and brush it on!

Velvet Finishes 4: Pursuing Vintage

Velvet Finishes 6 : Pursuing Vintage

We did find that we needed to add a few coats to the areas that had been previously distressed.  The difference in the wood layers was showing through. Velvet Finishes 5 : Pursuing Vintage

But after a few coats of this quick-drying paint, we were ready to reupholster the seat and check out our finished product!  Isn’t it adorable?!

Velvet Finishes PInk Chair 8 : Pursuing Vintage

Kathy and I thought the chair looked just too cute, and were excited to try it out at her desk.  However, once we got the chair inside, we discovered the color was a bit brighter than we anticipated, and just didn’t look right in the same spot.

Velvet Finishes Pink Chair 9 : Pursuing Vintage

However, we realized that Kathy’s daughter would be thrilled to have a pretty pink chair!

Velvet Finishes Pink Chair 10 : Pursuing Vintage

The chair looks adorable in her daughter’s bedroom – such a lucky girl!

Velvet Finishes was easy to use, and the color selection is so fun.  I would say that if you’re looking for a chalk-paint-type of paint (not glossy and easy to use!) Velvet Finishes is a great option, and offers colors that are SO much more fun than chalk paint.  Thank you so much to Velvet Finishes for supplying the paint for this fun project!

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I’m so excited to share a little home update with you! I picked up this wonderful Thomasville faux bamboo server for a steal off of Craigslist about two years ago. We use it as a console table.  It holds the “key box” to stash the car keys, and our stereo that we can’t give up because we still like a good ol’ CD once and awhile, and the Bose Soundlink.  There is a lot going on there.

Thomasville Server / Pursuing Vintage

It had already gone through one re-paint with its previous owner – a light brown/tan color.  Nice and neutral.  But faux bamboo doesn’t really scream for neutral.  It doesn’t deserve neutral.  It longs for color!

And color is what it got!

Faux Bamboo Thomasville Server / Pursuing Vintage

I wanted a coral color to accent the beautiful rose medallion lamp (as well as other coral accents I have around the room). I used Clark & Kensington Warm Coral paint.

Clark & Kensington Paint / Pursuing Vintage

I replaced the “key box” with this adorable hobnail bowl that I got in a previous Vintage Swap from Shelly (ConfettiStyle).  I also replaced the old drawer pulls with these amazing acrylic & brass pulls that I found on Etsy.

lucite & brass drawer pulls / Pursuing Vintage

I think the piece gives a great “pop” of color to the room and has become more of a statement than it was before.  The faux bamboo is happy.

Thomasville faux bamboo server makeover / Pursuing Vintage

(By the way – there is usually a mirror above the server, but I’ve swapped the mirror temporarily with the painting for my fall mantel.  Check it out if you missed it!)



Before summer began, we participated in Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge linking event.  We tackled our outdoor living spaces – transforming and updating our porches.  Part of our plan was to paint and install shutters to the exterior of our home.  Time got the better of us, and we had the shutters painted but just couldn’t get them hung on the house in time for the big reveal.

Well guess what?! The shutters are up!

I really can’t take credit for this project.  My husband thrifted all of the shutters for our home.  He actually salvaged them from the numerous tear-downs that are occurring in our neighborhood.  He’d drive by a house that was doomed for the dust, and he’d stop and check out the shutters.  Right material?  Right size?  Most shutters now are plastic.  We really wanted wood shutters, and love the satisfaction that comes from thrill of the hunt and then salvaging a perfectly good piece of architectural detail.

As part of the porches makeover, I repainted our doors using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  We just loved the color options, and were so pleased with how easy the paint went on, that we wanted to see how the paint would work on the shutters.  We chose Elegant from the Front Door Paint Collection.


Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in ELEGANT

The painting part was seriously the easy part.  Hanging shutters is the not-so-easy part!  But they are up, and they look FAB-u-lous!

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door & Shutter Paint by Modern Masters

Modern Masters Front Door Paint on Shutters ELEGANT

The shutters really add that last bit of charm to our home that we were searching for.

My husband even found long shutters for our back porch door – something we’ve coveted on other homes for awhile!

Back Door : Modern Masters Front Door Paint : Pursuing Vintage

The shutter paint color looks wonderful with both of the door paint colors we used (Peaceful and Sophisticated from the Front Door Paint Collection).

We are so happy with how it all looks – and we’re looking forward to some cooler weather around the corner so we can actually enjoy sitting on our porches again!  (Humidity in DC in August is horrrrrible!).

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint by Modern Masters


This is a sponsored post.  Pursuing Vintage was compensated with product by Modern Masters.  The company did not tell me what to write – all opinions are mine.