While we are all spending more time at home these days (!) we are in even more need of a space that feels pulled together and comfortable.  I frequently get questions on how to accomplish this.  Many of you have the foundations, yet need help with that final layer to make your space feel complete.

I wanted to show you an example of how to transform a typical family room into a cozy, finished space.  I thought this would also be a great opportunity to showcase and support some local Arlington businesses and their amazing home products!

This first image illustrates a typical family room needing the final “zhush”.  As you can see, this space has the foundations of some neutral seating, a timeless rug, and some wood surfaces.  To some degree, this room reflects what many of us have in our homes.

After adding a few more layers, this room has had a total transformation!  Let’s dive into the details!

First, I added a terrific piece of art (“Polka Daub Hearts” by Ann Marie Coolick available at Covet). I highly recommend investing in a piece of original art that you love.  It is a purchase you will never regret!  Next, a fresh flower centerpiece for the coffee table brings joy and warmth (custom arrangements by Tiny Bloom Shop are stunning!).  Layer in texture and color with throw pillows and blankets (these are from Urban Farmhouse).  Bringing in a table lamp (or floor lamp if you don’t have space) is the perfect way to create cozy lighting.  This beautiful lamp is handmade in Falls Church by Ware Clay, and available at Urban Farmhouse.  Additionally, I chose to layer in some brass via a set of vintage candlesticks and modernist statue (available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop).   I also layered a small wood bowl with decorative beads on top of some coffee table books (also available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop).  Finally, lighting a beautifully scented candle sets the mood!  Sydney Hale candles are amazing (try the “Woods” scent!) and are available at Covet.

If you’re ready to add that final layer to your space (or if you need help with a full room refresh) please reach out to me (kristen@pursuingvintage.com) for a chat about your needs, and let’s work together!

In the meantime, take a closer look at the great products from our Arlington small businesses!