July brought some excitement to our home!  (No, we didn’t adopt a Covid puppy!).  The Summer issue of Home & Design Magazine arrived and, for the first time, my work as a stylist was published!  I was fortunate enough to have worked with two talented interior designers Kristin Try (Kristin Try Art & Interiors) and Shannon Hickok (Shannon Hickok Design).  Both projects were photographed by the amazing Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

It was so fun working with designer Kristin Try and photographer Stacy Zarin Goldberg!  The owner of this Alexandria bungalow has an amazing collection of vintage and antique decor.  Helping to arrange and edit the pieces for photography in this beautiful space was a joy!

This beautiful Alexandria Colonial was designed by the talented Shannon Hickok.  Her use of bright colors and beautiful fabrics was speaking my language!  Shannon already had a beautiful selection of accessories for this space, and helping to place everything just right with photographer Stacy Zarin Goldberg was a great experience!

As a stylist, there is a range of expertise that I can bring to a project.  Depending on each individual designer’s needs, I can help source art and accessories to complete a project, source accessories and style a space for photography, or use the products a designer has already sourced to help style on photography day.  Pursuing Vintage began with me wanting to share my passion for vintage accessories with everyone.  I’m thrilled that this passion has expanded to sharing my talents in styling accessories with both the design industry and home owners.

I would love to help you style your home, whether you’re a designer needing help with a project or photography, or if you’re a home owner needing a refresh for your home.  Please reach out to me (kristen@pursuingvintage.com) for a chat about your needs, and let’s work together!