coffee table styling tips

One of the easiest places to style in your home is your coffee table.  It can seem intimidating.  A large empty space that collects dust, random magazines, and the occasional foot or two.  But take a look around your home, and I’m sure you already have some of the perfect pieces to turn that table into a star! But, if you’re looking for something new and unique, check out what we have available online!

Once you’ve collected everything, play around with your accessories.  There is no “right” answer – your coffee table is like a canvas and you’re creating a piece of art!  Look at balance and scale (does one side of your table seem to be heavier or lighter than the other?).  Move pieces forward, back, side to side, step back and consider.  Take out your phone a snap a quick photo, then assess.  Sometimes looking at your space in a photograph will help you figure out what to do next, or if you’ve reached perfection!

Most of all, your table is a place that should reflect you.  If you love color, add that in!  If you have a quirky memento from your travels, this could be a great place to incorporate it into your decor.  On the other hand, if you prefer minimalist elements, don’t feel like you have to add much more than a few monochromatic books and maybe a small collection of similarly toned small vases or candle holders.  The possibilities are endless.  Don’t be afraid to play around!

I’d love to see your coffee table!  Use #pursuingvintage and post on Instagram!  And be sure to check in frequently with the shop to see new accessories.  If you’re looking for help styling, I’d love to help you.  Virtual appointments are available, and in-home consultations will resume once safe to do so.  Contact me for more details, or check the website

Photo Credits (top to bottom)

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