The Secret to a Great Gallery Wall

If you’re like me, you collect things.  Memories, photos, art… but what to do with all of them?  If you have the space, a great option is to create a gallery wall.

One request I get from clients over and over is: “help me arrange my art! I don’t know where to hang things!”

At risk of putting myself out of business, I’ll tell you the secret!

Create interesting groupings of different types of art, but always have an underlying commonality.  I chose to use gold frames (or no frames) for everything on my gallery wall.  Play with the spacing between pieces.  Symmetry is nice, but it can be fun to do something unexpected!

The bottom line is: plan it out before you hang it up!  Although the planning stage takes awhile, it will save you headaches in the long-run.  If you plan it, you’ll end up with the perfect gallery wall!

If you’re not ready to try it yourself – I’d be happy to help!  Visit the Pursuing Vintage Room Refresh & Decorating page to see our full list of services.  Online booking now available!